About Caro’s Reads

Hello, readers! I’m Caroline, Caro for short. I’ve been an avid reader since, well, forever, really. Or, more specifically, since I’ve learnt my ABC at four.

More than that, I love talking about my readings and give people recommendations on what caught my attention, my sleeping hours, my free time. The list can go on.

This blog will be completely dedicated to my readings, past and present, the authors I like, their books, with a strong emphasis on indie published authors.

And everything will be spoiler free. For me, that’s an important rule. After all, I cannot give you all the juicy details without you discovering them for yourself, now, can I!

If you want to stay updated with my posts, I invite you to give the blog a follow. And please don’t hesitate to comment, make recommendations, etc. I’m usually one to reply quickly and love the interactions with the readers!

I hope you will have as much fun reading my “reading ramblings” as I have writing them!

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