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“Caroline, what are your favourite books?” “Do you have any recommendations?”

I’m an avid reader, so of course I do! Then again, it always depends on the genres you like, as there are some that I do not read, like everyone. For instance, you won’t often see me talk about non fiction, unless it is a tennis biography (you’re a tennis writer or you’re not, I suppose).

So for those curious to know about my favourite authors and series, I have some answers below. Because I really dislike trying to put favourites in order, the authors are listed alphabetically.

My Go-to authors

This is a list of the writers I will always come back to. Of course, this may be updated depending on which incredible author I discover.

K.F. Breene

K.F. Breene is another of those authors that I haven’t been reading for an extremely long time, but some of her books have quickly entered my list of favourites.

Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance lovers will be conquered by her special brand of crazy. She fully deserves her Queen nickname!

Her website

Diana Gabaldon

Does Dr Gabaldon need more introduction? If so, think Outlander. Although the Lord John mysteries are not to be neglected, either.

A pet peeve: that people put Outlander among the romance novels. Those books are so much more than that! Or course, there is an element of romance in them, but there is also history, mystery, and a lot of day-to-day parts. In other words, this is a series of… fiction. Quite simple, really. And amazingly well researched!

Her Website

Robyn Peterman

I have been reading Robyn’s books for a short time, but don’t be fooled! The laugh-out-loud, wee-in-your-pants books had me from the first book of hers that I’ve read.

Rom com with a sexy twist, her books have quickly become part of my reading life.

Her website

Karen Robards

I started reading Karen Robards a couple of years ago via a post by Jude Deveraux on her official page, as both authors are good friends.

If she was, first and foremost, known for her historical romances (none of which, I admit, I have read), what she is now most famous for are her romantic thrillers, be they standalone books or series. Fact: I have read them all, except for one because it was too expensive (and still is).

Her website

Jude Deveraux

I’ve been reading Jude’s books since I’m 12. Back then, I did not speak, nor read, a word of English, but my mum had those books that she was borrowing from a friend and neighbour, and this included the French version of A Knight In Shining Armor. This was my introduction to Jude, but also to romance, a genre I still read quite a lot to this day.

The only thing I ask is that you do not ask me if I am more Montgomery or Taggert. I don’t know. I love both type of men, be they the handsome, brooding Montgomerys or the brawny, cuddly, and generous Taggerts.

Her website

Darynda Jones

Sometimes, it takes only a book to create a favourite. In Daryda’s case, it was a series: Charley Davidson. Hers is a quite unique style and her stories are compelling, to the point that once I start one of her books, be it read or reread, it is nigh impossible for me to put it down!

She is one of the most recent of my go-to authors, as I was late to the party, again.

Her website

Michelle M. Pillow

Michelle M. Pillow is a recent addition to Caro’s reading world. It is not to say that she is a new writer, because she has been publishing for years, as shown by her quite extensive list of books.

Michelle’s books cover a vast variety of genres, from historical romance to urban fantasy to paranormal to science fiction to cozy mystery. One constant: the happy endings.

Her website

Mandy M. Roth

I don’t mind being late to the party when I discover a new author, if the author is as good as Mandy M. Roth, another author whom I have only recently discovered despite her having been in the business for many years now, with an imposing published novels list already under her belt.

Same as her friend Michelle M. Pillow, Mandy’s books range from urban fantasy (of which she is definitely one of the best) to paranormal (many shifters!!) to cozy mystery. And each book as gripping as the next!

Her website

My Favourite series

Here is a non exhaustive listing of my favourite series, in random order. No, I cannot pick a favourite!

Warlocks MacGregor

Michelle M. Pillow

Mischief, magick, men in kilts, laughs, romance, steam, and Uncle Raibeart! Nothing in this series can keep me from reading any of the books until the end. I recommend, either in the written word or in audio book (and the narrator of those books is, simply, excellent!).


Diana Gabaldon

Does this series need more introduction? An absolutely timeless time travelling fiction, which follows the story of Claire Beauchamp Randall and Jamie Fraser, from 1945 to the 1740s to the 1960s to… you know the gist! And if you find the bulk of the books to be a little too much, I also highly recommend the audio books, masterfully narrated by Davina Porter.

Tempting Fate (Loup Garou)

Mandy M. Roth

I have a thing for shifters, especially if they come in full paranormal regalia, with vampires and other supernaturals. Loup Garou is definitely one of those series, which follows Lindsay and Exavier’s story, then Gina and Jay’s. Only two books, but oh, how good they are!

Hot Damned

Robyn Peterman

Vampyres, demons, angels, fairies. God and Satan. Mother Nature (who pole dances!). This series has it all and is completely and totally hilarious! Robyn Peterman is a master of dosing comedy, action, drama, and turning everything into an epic moment of absolute bliss. And I love Satan. There I said it!

WARNING: Never read one of those books in a public place, because you’ll look absolutely weird, laughing long and loud.

Leveling Up

K.F. Breene

This Paranormal Women’s Fiction series has been, from the first book, one of my favourites. When it relies on a main character, Jessie, who knows what she wants and has no more f***s to give, a main man like Austin Steele, whose chest we’d only want to lay our head on, and the geriatric (hilarious) trio of Mr. Tom, Niamh, and Edgar, it is impossible not to laugh, swoon, laugh some more, get a little scared, and go through a myriad of emotions.

Dr Charlotte Stone

Karen Robards

This series was my first step into the paranormal word, with Dr Charlotte Stone, a psychiatrist who can see the ghosts of the violently dead, investigations into serial killers with the FBI, and her love story with the sexy Michael Garland. Gosh, those books are incredible! So much so that I reread them at least once a year.

Charley Davidson

Darynda Jones

What better than a good paranormal story featuring the Grim Reaper herself? That is Charley Davidson, of course, a private instigator of her work, but also… the reaper. And there is her BFF, Cookie, her Uncle Bob (Ubie), Rocket the ghost, a band of bikers… and Reyes, one of the book boyfriends we all want! A series in which you’ll laugh, cry, laugh some more, cry some more, and be completely engrossed in the action, to the point where you’ll only want one thing: to read the next one. And let’s not forget the brilliant chapter headers!

Spider Heist Thrillers

Jason Kasper

The Spider Heist Thrillers are the first of Jason Kasper’s books that I’ve read, although only the first book was out when I did get to read it. The series follows the story of Blair, Stirling, Marco, and Alec, thieves extraordinaires, in a gripping, action-packed fashion, and books I dare you to put down before you’re done reading!

DDVN World

K.F. Breene

DDVN is short for Demon Days, Vampire Nights, one of K.F. Breene’s most popular series, which tells the stories of Reagan, Penny, and Charity, first in their own sub-series (two trilogies and one duo), and soon with the three magicals combined together as they will fight to end a certain evil’s reign once and for all.

The whole series is an absolute must, be it in its print or ebook version or in its Audible version (with Nicole Poole’s fabulous narration).

Good to the Last Death

Robyn Peterman

The first of Robyn Peterman’s Paranormal Women’s Fiction series could not have started in a more hilarious way than with Daisy finding a hand in her laundry basket on her 40th birthday! In pure Robyn Peterman fashion, you will laugh until you wee, but you will also be filled with all sorts of emotions as you get to know Daisy, Gideon, Heather, June, Jennifer, and Missy, and two adorable dogs, Donna and Karen.

The series is available in print/ebook, but also on Audible, narrated by the fantastic Jessica Almasy.

My Favourite standalone books

Here is a non exhaustive listing of some of my favourite standalone books, in random order. No, just like for the series, I cannot pick a favourite!

Side note: It is possible that the book is part of a series, in which case I will mention it. However, if it is, it will be a book that can be read independently of the series of which it is part.

A Knight In Shining Armor

Jude Deveraux

This is the book that started it all: my love for romance novels and my profound admiration for Jude Deveraux and her incredible storytelling. A timeless love story between a fifth grade American teacher stranded in England thanks to a spiteful boyfriend and an Elizabethan knight.

One of the many Montgomery/Taggert books.

Forget Me Not

Michelle M. Pillow

This historical-gothic romance of Michelle M. Pillow’s had me completely hooked from the start to the surprising finish, as it follows Isabel Drake’s quest to finding why there is this mysterious fog on her home’s grounds, and how she needs to put an end to it, as it threatens to kill all of her loved ones, including her tutor, Mr. Weston, who is supposed to make a lady out of her, but for whom she cannot suppress her growing feelings and desires.

Scarlet Nights

Jude Deveraux

Do not be fooled by the fact that this novel enters in the “romance” category! This is first and foremost a mystery, which follows the story of Sara Shaw who, after her fiancé Greg leaves after a mysterious phone call, is forced to move next door to her friend’s apartment where, one night, her friend’s mysterious brother enters through a trap on the floor. But Mike Newland is a detective on an undercover mission, whose assignment led him to investigate Sara’s fiancé’s mother.

Part of the Edilean series, but can be read independently of the other books.


Jude Deveraux

Yes, another Jude romance! What can I say, I love them. And this one, Nellie’s and Jace’s story, is all sorts of fantastic with a touch of paranormal, thanks to Bernie, a recently departed woman of the modern times who is asked to help a 19th Century young woman.

The fun part is that we meet some friends that we have discovered in past Jude books, namely those from Twin of Fire and Twin of Ice, as this story happens a few years after those two books. But reading them prior to Wishes is not mandatory; it is merely a bonus.


Karen Robards

There are several standalone books by Karen Robards that I particularly like. Sleepwalker is one of them, which follows the story of Micayla “Mick” Lange who, while house-sitting on New Year’s Eve, falls upon a robbery, and ends up racing for her life with one of the thieves, a devilishly good looking man with many secrets of his own.

The Duchess

Jude Deveraux

This book is probably the one with my favourite of Jude Deveraux’s heroes. Set in 1892, it follows the story of Claire Willoughby, a rich heiress who has to marry someone whom her profligate parents approve of. Having agreed to marry the Duke of MacArran, Claire goes to Scotland with her family, where she meets a clan full of secrets, including the mysterious Trevelyan.

A Montgomery/Taggert book


Karen Robards

This romantic thriller made me laugh so hard! Because of the dog.

On a business trip to New Orleans, Maddie Fitzgerald, owner of an advertising agency, barely escapes when a man enters her hotel room, one night, and tries to kill her. After a narrow escape, she is put under the protection of Sam McCabe, an FBI agent who has been after her almost killer for weeks. After a second attempt to murder her, McCabe convinces her to be used as bait in order to catch this serial killer.

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