My favourite book mum

Happy Mother’s Day to all those who celebrate today! It is the case here in Canada, of course, but also in the US, in Mexico, in Australia, and in many other countries. For the occasion, there is no better time to write about my favourite book mum, the one and only…

Molly Weasley!

I think that Molly Weasley is the favourite mother of many readers. Kind, compassionate, fierce, generous to a fault, she will move everything to defend those she considers family, be they by blood or by heart.

Not to mention that she will always have nice new knitted jumpers for you every Christmas, and will make sure that you have your own lunch on the Hogwarts Express.

However, please do be careful not to get on her bad side, because she is wont to send you a Howler! Although in this case, it really was out of concern and parental indignation.

The epitome of the Mamma Bear, and that is why I, like many readers, love her above all the book mums.

(Cover photo via Heroes and Villains Wiki)

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