Sea Shenanigans Collection Two – Triple the fun

Ahoy, Mateys, get on deck for three Sea Shenanigans adventures, courtesy the one and only Pookie Mama, Robyn Peterman! Next stop: the Mystical Isle, to visit Madison, Petunia, and Poseidon! With several stops in between, of course.

Madison’s Mess, Petunia’s Pandemonium, and Jingle Me Balls are not new releases, since they respectively came out on 20 May 2019, 18 November 2019, and January 6 2020.

What is brand new, and out today (9 June, 2020), is the Sea Shenanigans Collection Two, which regroups the three last books of the series. This way, if you procure it and the first Sea Shenanigans Collection (the first three books – Tallulah’s Temptation, Ariel’s Antics, Misty’s Mayhem), you have the whole six books in two e-volumes, which does come out at a less expensive price than buying them all separately. Win-win: you get six incredibly hilarious (and cute, and touching, and hilarious, and sexy, and hilarious) romantic comedy novels for a smaller price.

With those last three books together in one single collection, it simply triples the fun, without having to click to buy the next one when you finish one. And considering that those books read themselves, it is completely time saving on top of the aforementioned money saving.

What are those books about?

First of all, as I said, the Sea Shenanigans fall into the romantic comedy category, which means that they involve supernatural creatures (mermaids, gods, demigods, vampires, shifters, gnomes, sphinxes, you name them!) and romance, are always sexy (so if you don’t like sexy smexy scenes, those books are not for you), but include jokes and a lot of laughs, too.

Same as each of Robyn Peterman’s books, they are completely refreshing, pee-your-pants hilarious, but also contain some scenes that might make you shed a tear or several. For despite them being romantic comedies, those books are very human.

Madison’s Mess

This is the longest of the three books in the collection, the other two being novellas. After spending time with the first three sisters (Tallulah, Ariel/Joan, and Misty), we hop into the daredevil last sister, Madison/Cindy, but not without a first hilarious stop at Tallulah’s and Pirate Doug’s wedding. This first chapter in itself is hip-roaring laugh-out-loud-until-you-cry hilarious.

Following her sister’s wedding, Madison is sent to Tennessee by Poseidon to take part in a cooking show in order to catch the Gnome King, who had kidnapped several lesser gods. For that mission, the mermaid is paired with a sexy, crazy, and daredevil vegan werewolf, Rick. And sparks fly between the two completely insane supernaturals.

I have to say that this book is not without reminding me of the Hot Damned series in some aspects. For instance, Neville speaks like baby Samuel, which cracks me up to no end, and just like Samuel, Neville is a very special boy. Plus, change Hell’s Journey to this book’s Air Supply, and the 80s are well covered.

Petunia’s Pandemonium

We meet Petunia, a cousin of the four sisters, in Madison’s Mess, and this novella is her own love story. Is she as crazy as her four cousins? Oh, yes! But what we don’t know about the orange mermaid is that she has been carrying a broken heart for the last 25 years, when her future mate up and left her just before their mating became official.

Who’s the douchecanoe? A hot genie named Del (short for Delphinus, not Delpenis!), who spent the last 25 years in genie prison (i.e. a bottle) for having drunk his sorrows numb after his future mate up and left him just before their mating became official.

No, I am not repeating myself. It is what it is. Del also meets his pappy, and his brother. The latter brought this back into my head, thanks to Delpenis and Pirate Dong:

Most of all, there is this search for Charybdis, another of the thousands of Poseidon’s offspring, a murderous beeotch who was responsible for the death of Petunia’s parents.

A short, but awesome, story!

Jingle Me Balls

The Sea Shenanigans would not have been complete without a Poseidon-centred story!

In this case, it is a Christmas story, which will leave you laughing your head off until the New Year, whenever it comes.

Another absolutely great read to conclude an absolutely great series.

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