You Light Up my Midlife Crisis (ARC review) – Depth amidst the laughs

The following review is part of my being in the author’s review team, which ensures that you can read it before the book comes out.

Warning: Do not read if you haven’t read the previous book of the series, My Midlife Crisis, my Rules, for this review would then contain a lot of spoilers from it. If you have, or don’t mind, then you’re good to go.

In the midst of a sea of rereads, the one thing that helps me during the stressful times of the ever nearing end of the school year, I received and picked up You Light Up my Midlife Crisis, the fifth of Robyn Peterman’s Good to the Last Death series, with enthusiasm and gusto despite the stress. And to be frank, I don’t regret it one bit, as I did read the whole book within a little over 24 hours. That’s how good it is. (And how much I love that series and wanted badly to know what happened to June, of course.)

What the book is about

You Light Up my Midlife Crisis

Series: Good to the Last Death, book 5

Author: Robyn Peterman

Date published: 24 May, 2021

Pages: 350


Midlife is definitely a journey. The road has massive potholes.

And the crisis… it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Being forty is supposed to be freaking fabulous not fatal.

Taking on a daunting new job minus the description isn’t the smartest move I’ve ever made, even if it was to save a friend. Hopefully, it doesn’t turn out to be the stupidest… or deadliest.

Why can’t things stay the way they were? I love my old job. Supergluing ghosts back together and solving their issues is its own reward. Not to mention, I’m seriously good at it. Although, I must say, I’m ridiculously excited for the new Death Counselor’s arrival in nine months…

Adding to my problems, there are four new angels in town who are riding my butt and judging every move I make. Literally. Who knew destroying one Immortal could cause me so much trouble? If I’m found guilty, I’ll be pushing up daisies.

Luckily, my nutty friends have my back and the Grim Reaper has my heart. What could possibly go wrong?

Nothing is impossible. I am living proof. Let’s just hope I live to prove it.

Profound, insightful… and still hilarious

When life was crazy, one either joined in or freaked out.
I joined in with a vengeance and wasn’t looking back.

– Daisy Leigh Amara-Jones

I will say this right off the bat: Robyn Peterman was 100% right in being extremely excited about this new Good to the Last Death book. Not only is it probably the best of the series, so far, it also contains immense depth amongst the usual laughs, which shows great maestria.

After all, Daisy does have a huge challenge ahead of her following her ridding the world of the demented and unhinged Angel of Mercy (and saving her loved ones in the process), thus having to take the role herself in order to save her friend June, whose soul had been taken by Clarissa prior to their battle.

However, this does not mean the end of Daisy’s challenges as, with the next Death Counselor cooking inside her, she also has to save her unborn daughter, herself, and all that she holds dear and has worked for in the last year from a new, and cunning, foe: Zadkiel, who is yet another proof that Angels cannot be trusted. And yet they want Daisy to become one of them?

This said, if someone can stage a massive overhaul in the Angel business, it is the former Death Counselor!

But prior to anything, she has 36 hours to figure out Zadkiel’s riddles in order to fully become the new Angel of Mercy, or start the last year over.

This journey on which Daisy embarks will show that nothing in this world (or the others) is completely black and white, and that shades of grey are, indeed, everywhere, amidst disillusion, pain, joys… and time.

Deep, you say?

Oh, yes! When I finished reading and closed the book, my head was still full of thoughts, because despite the book being at times and as usual incredibly funny (the new Candy Vargo being one of the moments I was literally crying with laughter), and wanting to know what comes next for Daisy and the gang, the depth of the lesson she learnt on her journey had me thinking deep, deep things.

My verdict

I will sum that up in one sentence: 29 November and book 6, It’s a Matter of Midlife and Death, cannot come soon enough!

An immensely profound five stars! ✰✰✰

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