Character spotlight – Robyn Peterman’s pets

I don’t think that I’ve ever made a mystery about the fact that I love pets. Heck, my cat is the main feature of my first ink. Often will you see me crying my eyes out because a pet is sick or dies in a book or on TV. And don’t get me started about real-life things happening to pets, because sometimes, it makes me go completely ballistic!

My favourite things: wool (crochet and knitting), coffee, books, and my cat (aka Mambo Cat), immortalised in ink

Consequently, it comes as no surprise that I love books that have pets in them! The nice part is that the authors putting pets in the spotlight usually own or are owned by animals, and have been for a long time.

One of my favourite authors whose books often involve pets is Robyn Peterman, whose furry creatures have become the stuff of paranormal legend. All right, I might exaggerate a little, but not by much.

Fat Bastard, Donna, and so many more!

I have been told, when I wrote my review of The Bad Boys of Assjacket, that the cat I chose to make my cover artwork (the same who is pictured as this post’s header) resembles the original Fat Bastard, the main of the three cats. And he, along with his sidekicks, Boba Fett and Jango Fett, were once cats owning Robyn Peterman’s household. Although I doubt that they were as profane as the characters they ended up inspiring! In the same novella were also the hilarious Canadian she-cats: Poutine, Annie Surely, and Blythe.

And there was Fabio, of course, but there is something more about him that I will not reveal in case you haven’t yet read Switching Hour, the first Magic & Mayhem book. Those who did know why, and I am leaving it at that.

They are not the only pets featured in Robyn’s books, as those who have read her two PWF series, Good to the Last Death and My So-called Mystical Midlife, know. The first series feature the awesome Donna the Destroyer, an adorable Hellhound puppy, and Karen the Chair Eater, a crazy dopey lovely black lab, who have become part of Daisy’s family. As for the second series, it features a profane chubby cat called Thick Stella.

I’m only going with actual pets, here (and Donna), but other animals, be they existing or fictional, have also made noticeable appearances in other series, like Steve the blonde dog in Fashionably Dead Down Under, as well as General George Patton and Bambi, more Hellhounds, from the same book.

All of the pets are hilarious and integral parts of their respective stories, much to our reading pleasure.

For someone like me who is an animal-loving bookworm, reading Robyn Peterman’s books is pure heaven!

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