From boisterousness to serenity

It’s been a busy week, as far as ARCs were concerned, starting with Robyn Peterman’s latest, which came out on Monday, and whose review you can read here. However, I also had a couple more, starting with Mandy M. Roth’s latest Crimson Ops book, Bat out of Hell, which was bumped up because the character whose book she was supposed to write on first is a bloody stubborn Scotsman and played his stubborn card to perfection. Hence Blaise’s story being published first, and having been released today.

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There will be a long review of this book coming soon, but I have two more to write, first, which are long overdue. But this will be even better, since I will make a double header out of Mandy’s last two Ops books.

This book I finished today, close to lunch time, laughed my head off more often than not (seriously, those Ops guys are all sorts of hilarious in their banter!), and had all sorts of feels, which can be summed up with: I need more of them!

However, I went from the Ops boisterousness to Cherry Blossom Point’s serenity, with Christine Gael’s latest book, A Head Start, the fourth Cherry Blossom Point book, which was also released today. Another series that, I admit, I can’t get enough of. For those wondering, this is the spinoff series of the Bluebird Bay novels.

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Do I mind going from one genre to a completely different one? Not in the least! Both authors are favourites, and friends, and their books are amazing in their own way. The only thing that I can say is that I know I will finish the second just like I finished the first: happy and wishing for more.

To me, that’s the best part of reading multiple genres.

Happy release day, Mandy and Christine!

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