All the Write Moves (ARC review) – Satisfyingly ever after

The following review is part of my being in the author’s review team, which ensures that you can read it before the book comes out.

Once upon a time, there was a lady with an amazingly warped imagination who wrote books that had the power to make every reader laugh. Oh, she was no princess, unless princesses have absolute potty mouths, but she was a queen and extremely special, as proven by her loving king and their own prince and princess. And proven by her always happy readers. One day, she created a character who might or might not be like her: a writer with a warped imagination and magic powers of her own. Because her characters were coming to life! But all good things must come to a close, and for the queen, it was time to put a final dot to that story. Will there be dismay among her readers? No. There will be a satisfyingly ever after.

What the book is about

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All the Write Moves

Series: My So-Called Mystical Midlife, book 3

Author: Robyn Peterman

Date published: 28 March, 2022

Pages: 300


Going to Hell has never been on my bucket list… until now. 

The fact that I can speak that sentence without laughing or losing my mind is absurd. However, my life has veered into a very tricky tale that rivals any of my books. 

The villain has been banished. I’ve written her right into an infernal doom. Unfortunately, a few of my very dear friends, fictional and real, have been caught up in the horror story and they’ve taken the trip down under as well. 

It’s my fault and I can only see one way out…a plot twist of epic proportions. The fairytale is imploding and my imagination has taken flight. 

The ending is murky and the stakes are up to me.  There is no other alternative. 

If I don’t get this ending right, my happy ever after might become a happy never after.

Characters to the rescue!

Without you, there is no us.

Clark Dark

Clark Dark might be one of hundreds of characters that Clementine wrote, but his words echo those that, most likely, all the characters written by any author would tell their maker. Although in Dark’s case, it was accompanying a word of caution to his maker.

After all, going to Hell is not easy, even if you technically cannot die because the place is a fictional one from one of your books. However, the werewolf detective is, as always, a voice of reason, cautioning Clementine to be careful, just in case.

Thankfully, even though she cannot bring any of her remaining friends to rescue the ones trapped in the Underworld, Clemmy still has her characters to help her. In this case, the Underworld mafia, four insanely hot, tall, and nameless demons from a very past book.

I am sincerely glad that these nameless demons made an appearance, not only for Clementine’s sake, but for our own enjoyment, because they are a HOOT! And it takes them to bring their maker to Hell… and, most importantly, back. Just keep them from Aunt Flip’s brand of desserts, that’s all.

Or not, if you want to wee your pants laughing (I came close to it).

There is always this reader

For an author, there is always this reader who knows their books more than they do because they read and reread them to knowing them by heart.

For Clemetine, this reader is her friend Nancy, who came to her rescue in previous books and does again in this one, thanks to her memory. This comes with quite the reward for the sweaty lady, too!

Cheeto is very special

Yes, Cheeto has always been a personal favourite, especially because I love precocious little ones like her as a teacher and that she reminds me of several of the little ones I had the chance to teach over the years. The seven-year-old is really, very special, and we find out more about it throughout the pages of this last adventure.

She also has a very, very hot dad that I got to love even more in this book, if that was ever possible. Seth really is the absolute trooper!

What’s wrong with Thick Stella?

Something is wrong with the profane feline, who stopped talking after the Jinny Jingle battle that ended the previous book (and started this one for Robyn’s customary refresher). But why isn’t she talking anymore? More importantly, will she talk again?

She cannot only eat tuna and poop in Clementine’s shoes, now, can she!

My verdict

It might be the end for Clementine’s story, but Robyn Peterman has a bonus track for us, a fourth book that has nothing to do with Clementine, Seth, Cheeto, Aunt Flip, the geriatric crew, or any of Clementine’s characters, and all to do with something that “Nancy” has written: a novella called My Big Fat Hairy Wedding. What?! Yes, the novella, which was part of the Aged to Perfection anthology, will be released as its own standalone, and as a bonus track to the series. Much to my pleasure, because I really, really loved the story!

As for All the Write Moves, we readers get our own satisfyingly ever after. Loads of laughs (not pot-brownie caused unless it’s your thing), just as much emotion, and even a few tears (at least on my “hate goodbyes” part). However, I promise that I ended with a huge smile on my face.

And to paraphrase: Robyn Peterman is nuts, but she’s ours and we will definitely keep her!

Supremely satisfied five stars!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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