Confinement thoughts

Like everyone should be doing right now, I am staying put and staying at home. (I hope that, unless your job is an essential one, you are doing the same, because that’s the most important thing to do right now.)

However, keeping my posterior in my apartment does not mean that I can’t travel. And I don’t mean taking a wee stroll outside or going to the grocery store, either.

For instance, since yesterday, I am in Freewild Cove, North Carolina. Before that, I was in Hell, where I will return once my trip to Freewild Cove is over (I’ll return there next month). I might also return to Green Vallis, Wisconsin, a bit later this weekend.

In fact, I can go just wherever the heck I want, so long as my corporeal self remains in my apartment. My imagination runs wild.

That is the beauty of reading: going anywhere in the known or unknown universe while your butt is still in the same place. These days, I am taking advantage of it. A lot.

Stay safe, everyone. Stay at home. Read books. Travel with your imagination into the worlds created by all those fantastic authors. This way, you will stay healthy, and those around you will, too.

Who said confinement is boring?

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