Reader’s Life – Rare brain overload

It seriously very rarely happens to me. Maybe it is because I've been sick most of last week and still need to reboot my energy levels. Maybe it's because my stupid glasses are making me dizzy (darned bifocals!). Who knows why? But it so happens that my brain is overloaded. Too many books nearly at... Continue Reading →

Second Chance Magic – Strength in numbers

They say that strength comes in numbers, and the adage has been proven true in Michelle M. Pillow's Second Chance Magic, her first Paranormal Women's Fiction novel. Another thing that is certain, before talking about this book in itself, is that I am a huge fan of Michelle's books. Indeed, I haven't been reading her... Continue Reading →

Betwixt – Darynda’s way

I have to start this with a confession: until early last summer, I did not know who Darynda Jones was. To be fair, I did not know any of the Fab13. Crazy how a reader's life works, no? In Darynda's case, I started reading Charley Davidson thanks to a friend of mine, to whom I... Continue Reading →

Suddenly Psychic – A first ARC

Upon my reading of the Fab13's books, I've also had the chace to do my first ARC review ever. What a book this was! It so happened that Elizabeth Hunter's team was looking for people to read and review an advance reading copy (ARC) of Suddenly Psychic. I signed up and ended up being one... Continue Reading →

Paranormal Women’s Fiction

Over the last few days, I have been completely immersed in a whole bunch of new books. If their genre is nothing new to readers, their way of coming all together to make it trend is like a breath of fresh air in the paranormal/romance fiction world. Who are they? The Fab13. Thirteen great writers:... Continue Reading →

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