Reader’s Life – Comfort… reading

“Desperate times call for desperate measures”, goes the saying. In my case, the times are not desperate at all, since I have about a gazillion books to read on Kindle Unlimited (yes, the number is immensely exaggerated; it’s about 40 books). However, I honestly don’t feel like it.

It happens.

It is not really a slump, rather than my fluctuating mood. Do I know why? Yes. Some say that Karma is a bitch. Well, hormones are an even bigger bitch and they do have a big influence on my reading habits.

In this case, rather than not being able to fully enjoy my current KU borrow or pressuring myself to read it now now now, I opt for a reread.

The same way some go for comfort food, I go with comfort books. Those stories that make me feel comfortable because I am, simply, visiting old and beloved friends. I know them, I know their story, but I marvel in details that I might not have noticed in previous reads, or I, simply, see them with a new mind’s eye.

Time to seek comfort. Nothing else.

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