Whose Midlife Crisis is it Anyway? – Have tissues nearby

When I finished reading Robyn Peterman’s first Paranormal Women’s Fiction novel, It’s A Wonderful Midlife Crisis (read my review), I simply couldn’t wait until May (three months after the first one came out) to know what happened to Daisy, Steve, Gideon, Gram, and all the others… and what’s happening to Jennifer’s botoxed face, of course.

The day came and I promptly sat down and, well, read. Obviously. Excited? Heck, yes! Although I had started it when it was delivered onto my Kindle at 3:04 AM (and I really would like to know why Amazon insists on sending me my pre-orders at West Coast time when I live in Montreal, in the Eastern time zone). One chapter before I fell asleep. The prologue.

Is it necessary to read It’s A Wonderful Midlife Crisis before reading Whose Midlife Crisis Is It Anyway? Yes. However, for those who don’t remember what they read, the first few chapters of the book are perfect, as they come back in detail on the action of the first book, while integrating new elements, such as news about Jennifer’s botoxed face (hey, I don’t spoil so I’m not going to do so now and will only settle on the non-spoilery elements). For someone, like me, who remembers everything they read (and more so having just finished rereading the first), they might come as repetitive. They are not. It’s really only because I remember everything I read. Hence, the reread just before the book came out was not necessary, as those first few chapters do contain the needed refresher.

Laughter, smiles, and many tears

Same as is Robyn Peterman’s recipe, this second Paranormal Women’s Fiction novel is a hoot. Her sense of comedy is a brand in her novels, and this one is definitely no different. There were times when, I admit, I laughed until my stomach hurt.

However, for a rare time when reading one of Robyn’s books (in fact, I think it was a first in my case), I had to turn off my reader for a few moments during my read because I was crying too hard. Yes, Robyn has the sense of comedy, but also the sense of drama. Her characters, despite their often incredible adventures, are extremely life-like, which is why when a very emotional moment happened, I was moved to, literally, ugly sobbing. Her books do, sometimes, have me shedding a tear or several, but to the point of having to close the book and wanting to pull a Joey and put the book in the freezer because I was too sad? It was a first. (Not that I would put my Kindle in the freezer; that would break the magical device! But I wanted to.)

Thankfully, once my fit of ugly sobbing was stopped and my emotions under control, I resumed my reading and if the first few pages started with me shedding more tears, my smile was quickly “turned upside down”, like Gram says, and I ended up laughing hard through my tears, which dried promptly in another fit of giggles. Order restored.

Did my reading finish with a smile? Just a half one. Because yes, the story is left pending, although not with as big a cliffhanger as the end of the first book. But the ending was happy enough to have me semi smiling, and the other half was a “NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I want to know what comes neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeext!!!”

Maybe sooner than planned

The bad news is that we technically have to wait until the 17th of August to know what will happen to Daisy & Co. And to see if June’s diet will stop her from baking cookies. And to see who will be the next to prove that Karma is a bitch. And to know if the bedroom painting has finally dried enough. And to know what part of the house Karen ate. And… I’ll stop, I’ll stop!

The good news? In her live Facebook chat, Monday evening, Robyn Peterman announced that the date might move forward by a month. Yay!! And double yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy: the series might be four, or even five books, including a possible one from Gideon’s point of view! That announcement drove me over the moon happy. I love those characters so very much, I would be sad to see the series end after three books.

Yes, of course, I highly recommend the read. But you really need to have tissues on hand if, like me, you easily get emotional. Just don’t put your book in the freezer, OK?

The book in the freezer thing

Here is what I meant about the book in the freezer. Yes, I’m a huge Friends fan and know the episodes quite by heart and when I read a certain couple of chapters of Whose Midlife Crisis Is It Anyway? I really considered the freezer.

My Goodreads review

Who’s Midlife Crisis Is It Anyway? by Robyn Peterman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jesus in a jockstrap, to quote Jennifer! That book was so, so good! I cried so much at some point that I had to turn off my Kindle for many minutes. Then, when I resumed my reading, I ended up laughing my silly head off at the funny of a situation.

That’s Robyn Peterman’s genius for you. There are tears, there is emotion, but there is always a smile (or several) and a laugh (or several) coming after. Good thing because I did cry like a baby before that.

I love those characters so much! I’m glad that there is a possibility that we won’t have to wait until August for the third book, because I can’t wait to see what happens next! Chapeau, Ms. Peterman! That was a wonderful, wonderful story!

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