More indie published promo, please!

If you look on the footer of this page, you will see my Twitter feed, well, that of this site, where I mostly follow authors, publishers, vendors, book stores, etc. Which means that I do follow Amazon and Kindle, among others, and am thus very aware of their book promotions and their (rather subjective) announcements of “books not to miss” and so on.

If the idea is good, since it does give readers ideas, I have a major problem with this: they only promote books published by big publishing houses. As if my favourite authors, who are mostly independently published, do not matter or do not need either promotion or exposure.

And you know what? Those indie published authors need something important: readers. They don’t have the big publishing houses’ machine behind them. They rely on word of mouth, readers’ reviews, self promotion and promotion by other (just as indie published) writers on social media. Some are super talented (or have super talented loved ones and friends) to help by making promotional videos. I’m thinking, for instance, of Michelle M. Pillow, whose husband is a movie producer, or Mandy M. Roth, who is multi-talented in graphic arts. They are not the only ones, of course, only the two names that first came to my mind.

However, when I see tweets by Kindle mentioning “the books readers are waiting for the most this summer”, I don’t see either of their names, or Robyn Peterman’s, or K.F. Breene’s, or Shannon Mayer’s, or Jana DeLeon’s, or or or. I gave you six names of authors that I love reading, who all have books coming out this summer or in the next few weeks, or who have new books that just came out but whose books are not mentioned by those vendors. Why? Because they are, you guessed it, independently published.

Yes, I’m excited and anxiously waiting for the next Karen Robards, which comes out in June. But this one will have and does have a massive promo behind, as it is published by Harlequin.

Books I am anxiously waiting for

What books am I anxiously waiting for? Except for the aforementioned next Karen Robards novel (out 30 June and pre-ordered):

  • The Graveyard Shift: A Charley Davidson Novella – Darynda Jones, out 9 June
  • Sea Shenanigans Collection Two – Robyn Peterman, out 9 June
  • Spellcasting with a Chance of Spirits – Mandy M. Roth, out 27 June
  • The Sky Thieves – Jason Kasper, out 23 July
  • Midlife Demon Hunter – Shannon Mayer, out 4 August
  • A Most Excellent Midlife Crisis – Robyn Peterman, out 17 August but maybe out in July
  • Magical Midlife Dating – K.F. Breene, out 19 August

I’m sure there will be more as I read on and make more dents into my TBR pile (for instance). I am also anxiously waiting for Christine Gael’s second PWF novel, which doesn’t have a publication date as of yet.

A constant: each of the books on that list, and that of Christine Gael, are all indie published. All of them, no exception. Does anyone mention them, except for the writers and their writer friends, except for us readers? Not really. Yet, they do deserve all the promotion they could get.

One example: for me, Jason Kasper is a whole new writer who I wouldn’t know about if it weren’t for K.F. Breene, who is a close friend of his. She talked about one of his novels (The Spider Heist), which was on promotion, so I bought it. Started it last night and I simply can’t get my eyes out of it (except now, obviously). I will definitely blog about it later (i.e. when I finish it), but I did pre-order the next one in the series, and I will read more of Jason’s books in the very near future because I simply love his style. My type of thrillers.

All this to say that Amazon is missing the boat by not promoting indie published books and authors. Because there are very many good ones! Hopefully this will change at some point. Nevertheless, I will not stop promoting my favourite indie published writers, because they are awesome and deserve readers. After all, the more of us, the merrier!

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