Fashionably Fooled – Keeping the best for (temporary) last

Exactly two months ago, to this day, I reviewed the first Hot Damned book, a Robyn Peterman series which I had only just started. It seems only fitting that I should finish and review the thirteenth and last one some eight weeks later, which is still longer than for a hangry Siren to finish gestating.

Not one to do things in a half measure, I doubled my pleasure, listening to the book on Audible (by the author’s request), as well as reading it on my Kindle. (FYI, the whole Hot Damned series is still currently available on Kindle Unlimited.) Why both at once? Because my ADD self needed the focus. And I visualise better if I do focus.

Believe me, it was very worth it!

Fashionably perfect

How was this last (for now) Hot Damned? In one word: perfect. In two: fashionably perfect. Robyn Peterman admits that she loves writing Satan and it sure shows! From his love for stealing office supplies (or anything, really) to his enormous ego, but also for his (involuntary and verbal) contortionist abilities, Satan is, simply, sublime. But please don’t tell him, because his ego really is as enormous as his Johnson, if Mother Nature (his own mother), Martha and Jane (the calamities), and about every character in the books can tell.

Put him in the same room as Astrid (his half vampyre/half demon True Immortal niece) and you’re in for an unstoppable fit of laughter. Which is how Fashionably Fooled starts: with Uncle Fucker and Astrid in the former’s office, in Hell, with him blackmailing her to organise his womb eviction party.

To top it off, Elle aka Fate, his siren mate, is hangry, very, very hangry, and wants to stab him, cut him in pieces, burn him, maim him, etc. Since this book is not one that should be read as a standalone and comes in the wake of Mother Nature’s story, we know why. Satan and Elle? They don’t. Which makes things even funnier.

To add to the fun (well, usually fun), Lucifer receives a bizarre letter, which lets him believe that his womb eviction party is jeopardised. But is it? Only the pages will tell, as we get reacquainted with Lizard (the calamities’ mate), Dino, Dagwood and Darby, the Seven Deadly Sins, and many more, and get to meet Murry the badass and his Mammy, the last remaining dragons.

The mystery will, I tell you, keep you glued to the pages, and laughing your head off, but also shed a few tears, and throw a fistpump at someone’s demise.

And did I say laugh?

WARNING: As is the case with each and every one of Robyn’s books, do not read it in a public place, or too late in the evening if you have close neighbours. Or while eating. Or while drinking anything. If you do, it is at your own risk.

The best of the series

The 13.5 books of the Hot Damned series are great. However, this last one really is the best of them all. Whether it is for the interactions between the characters, how clueless Satan and Elle are to what is happening to the siren, the brotherly banter between God and Lucifer, it is a complete master stroke by Robyn Peterman.

But… we need to know what cheeseburger sex is, now.

Fantastic audio book

If I read the book, I also, as I mentioned, listened to it at the same time. The audio book was released last week on Audible, and it makes the experience even more memorable.

David Brenin’s narration is spot on, his sense of pace and emotion impeccable, and his female voices are perfect. Even if you have your own voices for every character in your head, you forget about them for the duration of the book.

That’s how great the narration is.

I highly recommend, both in audio book and in eBook. Both at once if you are so inclined. But bear in mind that this book should not be read as a standalone, because many things are continuation from the previous books and can get confusing for someone who is not familiar with the characters.

As for the audio itself, it can be listened to, and enjoyed immensely, whether or not you have listened to any of the books in the series, so long as you have read the first 12.5 books.

However, and no pressure, Robyn, but I can’t wait for the next Hot Damned adventure! Soon, pretty please.

My Goodreads review

Fashionably Fooled by Robyn Peterman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I laughed, I cried, I laughed some more. In fact, the narration was so good that I had to stop listening a few times because I was laughing so much, so hard, and so loud that I couldn’t hear what came next!

Robyn Peterman delivered again, this time, with the best of the series, which is pretty telling when the whole series is fanfriggintastic!

Listening to it on Audible at the same time only made the pleasure of it even greater. David Brenin is a fabulous narrator!

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