Reader’s Life – Adjusting the routine

After five months, the schools are reopening in my province, which means that I am now back at work. Usually, I sub, but this time, I accepted a contract in a school that I know well, and today was my first day, which meant that I had (and still have) to adjust a lot of things, starting with my sleeping schedule!

Basically, this means that after being back at my normal life rhythm for five months, which is that of a complete night owl, I now wake up at the time I’ve usually been asleep for little. That is the first part of my routine which I have to adjust.

The second major adjustment, for me, comes in the form of my reading habits. I will admit it: that is the toughest part. Sure, I do have about two hours of transit overall each day and a lunch break. However, I also have my house chores to do once I’m back from work, which means that instead of having 8-10 hours of reading per day, I have about five in total… if I’m lucky.

Sure, there are the weekends, but for now, the weekend is still quite far and because I am not yet used to my new sleeping schedule, reading is pretty difficult because I have the attention span of a goldfish (not the cracker, but close).

Note: I am committed to reading this ARC and have my review ready for first hour on Monday. I will make it and I know I will, but one thing is definite: I will not read any more of it today because my brain can’t process a thriller. So I will simply continue the reread I had started last night before sleep until my brain is back to being completely functional.

Thank the Maker for the coffee maker!

On this note, I wish all my fellow teachers a great start of the year and a wonderful comeback. I know it will be difficult because it is not our usual normal, but we will make it. As my school’s principal said:

“We’ll eat that elephant one bite at a time.”

So long as it isn’t as cute as this one, I’m OK with it.

Stay safe, all. Don’t forget to wash your hands and wear your face mask. And try to keep some time for reading!

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