Qurilixen Lords – Meeting the children

Reading a series until its end, being sad because it’s over. This is a huge part of a reader’s life. What is fun about it? When the author starts a whole new series with the main characters of the finished series’ children as main protagonists!

This is exactly what Michelle M. Pillow has started with her new series, Qurilixen Lords, starring the children of the now at peace Var (cat shifters) and Draig (dragon shifters), seven decades later (reminder: shifters have abnormally long lives).

What is fun about the fact that it is a Science Fiction series is exactly that: over 70 years may have passed, but since it is in a whole other universe, the years between the action of the different series do not matter in the least, which means that we can deal with grown children rather than the babies we met briefly at the end of the others.

For now, Qurilixen Lords has only the two books, both having Draig Princes as main protagonists, but this isn’t to say that we do not meet some of the Var children in the action, either. After all, the peace had been signed between the two shifter races of Qurilixen.

Dragon Prince

The first book of the series, Dragon Prince, came out early in 2019 and tells the story of Prince Grier, son of King Ualan and Queen Rigan (main protagonists of Barbarian Prince) and heir to the Draig throne.

With the Draig’s mating ceremony fast approaching, Grier and the other princes have to take part, if only to appease their parents. However, when his crystal starts mysteriously glowing, fate seems to have another idea for the crown prince, in the form of a young woman with special powers, who had been kidnapped from her home planet along with her two sisters in order to serve the Federation’s needs of the triplets’ special powers.

Salena ending up at the Draig mating ceremony was a complete coincidence, as she had been rescued from Shelter City, where she had been hiding, by one of the dragon princes (and a Var princess). What does she need or care if the crown prince of the Dragons states that she’s his fated mate? Sure, he does things to her body and she is extremely attracted to him, but she has other things on her mind, like finding her two sisters, and escaping the clutches of the Federation.

Of course, this is a love story, so there is quite a bit of romance, some rather steamy scenes, and quite a bit of emotion, from the growing feelings between Grier and Salena to Grace’s angst to Payton’s rebellious streak (she’s her mother’s daughter all right!), we have the whole gamut of emotions, and sometimes quite a bit of laughter.

Overall, it is a great introduction to this new series. No, it is not necessary to have read the whole Dragon Lords and Lords of the Var series prior to starting any of the Qurilixen Lords books. It is an added bonus, but not a necessity.

A deserved five stars (under three suns) ✰✰✰✰✰

Marked Prince

The second Qurilixen Lords novel, Marked Prince, came out only a few days ago, after its publication had been delayed for a couple of months in order to give both Michelle and her team time to really offer us the best possible book, both in terms of Michelle’s story and superb writing and of her team’s editing process.

The delay was worth it, as Prince Jaxx’s story will definitely enter my top favourite Michelle M. Pillow books, and my top favourite books. In other words, she really knocked it out of the park with Jaxx’s and Fiora’s story!

The book starts near the end of Dragon Prince, when Grier and Salena go into the Federation compound to rescue Fiora from the clutches of General Sten, who was taking advantage of her premonition gifts in some ways which made her suffer to the point of wanting to die. If the rescue goes well, it is different with Fiora’s visions, as she sees the apocalyptic future awaiting the inhabitants of Shelter City.

With Jaxx’s help, she, her sister, Grier, Grace, and Payton will do everything they can to prevent Fiora’s visions of becoming reality. But can she help prevent the Death Mark that’s on Jaxx? For the dragon prince, son of Prince Yusef and Princess Olena (main protagonists of Dark Prince), and the young woman have become immediately attracted to each other and the last thing she would want would be for something to happen to him…

In fact, part of that premonition is central to the story, despite the situation in Shelter City being at the forefront of the action. And the growing attraction between the two leads to some very beautiful moments, but also to extremely hilarious ones. Because Fiora can’t lie and what comes out of her mouth, usually unwillingly, is incredibly funny. It is also quite amusing for a reader when the first thing you do when you really meet the dragon who saved your life is to, literally, throw up on his naked crotch after having flown for the first time in your life.

However, what really got to me are Fiora’s emotions and feelings, both physical and psychological, when she has her visions. Many times I found myself crying over her pain, and understanding how difficult everything might be for her. And Salena can’t understand how her sister really feels with what she calls her curse, no matter how good her intentions. It seems like only Jaxx can help her find the calm she needs to try and forget the visions.

Overall, it is a gripping story, and a very moving one, superbly written, which only makes us want the very best for Jaxx and, most of all, for Fiora.

Five stars because I can’t give more! ✰✰✰✰✰

Feral Prince: next year

The next book in the series will be Feral Prince, which is scheduled to come out in August 2021 but most likely earlier. But the title and the cover are all that we know about the book, that and that the prince is a Var Prince.

Who will it be? Will the heroine be Piera, the third sister? It will be a surprise for us that Michelle M. Pillow will unveil over the next few months.

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