Reader’s Life – When a reader goes MIA

I’ve had a review to write for over a week, now. I wanted to write it. I want to write it. Later today, or tomorrow, I will write it. However, I was missing something important in order to do it: time. As a full-time teacher, time is of the essence, and mine is, as it should, devoted to my 19 cute first-graders and their learning. But this means that I have to make choices, and writing less on here is one of the difficult choices I’ve had to make.

This does NOT mean that Caro’s Reads stops existing!

Gods, no! I love this site and writing about books too much for me to stop altogether. It only means that, because of my schedule and, yes, my energy levels, I am and will be a little more MIA sometimes. My Twitter followers, both on @CarosReads and @caropaquin80 (my personal account), know that I’ve been scarce on my favoured social media platform since the start of the school year.

In truth, I barely follow anything that deals with news (which is something that, I admit, I do not mind much because they are one of those anxiety triggers that I do not need), but also with my favourite authors (something that bothers me a little more).

And I am still reading.

Heck, since the start of the school year, I have read 15 books, finished two audio books that I had started what feels like eons ago, and I still manage to keep on track with my Goodreads challenge, although, I admit, barely. To this day (10 October), I am one book ahead of schedule. I also reviewed five books, one of which a complete series, and have added even more new books to my ever growing TBR pile.

Not too bad for a girl who does work over 45 hours a week, six days a week!

But I know that it is not the ideal way of garnering followers on Twitter or on the site itself when it’s still at the baby stage. For that, I am sorry.

But please, do give me a follow on Twitter or here, and never hesitate to drop a line, or several. I am alive, after all, and it will be my pleasure to say hello back!

In the meantime, you can expect my review of Bewitched either later today or early tomorrow. I will also have a few cover reveals for you over the course of my long Thanksgiving weekend.

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