Sometimes, the best laid-out plans…

I will not apologise for being virtually absent these days. The last few weeks have been busy, and I ended up completely exhausted, to the point that I did take a day off to rest after two weeks of virtual PTMs. This introvert really needed to press the reset button.

Hence, I planned ahead for the three days I had off (the weekend and today), which included a series review and, since I finished it last evening just after finishing a shawl I was making myself, a review of the last book I read/listened to, plus a review of my latest read, which I have just finished.

Ha. Haha.

Who was I kidding?

I read, that I did, but my reviews are running late.

Fear not: they will come, all of them this week or this weekend. Because I am dying to tell you about the complete American Mercenary series, which I finished a few weeks ago (then got too busy to write its review), then Clanlands, which should be both read and listened to, then Forget Me Not, which I had planned to read during my three days off… and did, to my great enjoyment.

I will tell more about all of those books in their respective reviews. Because they are all recommended.

For now? I’ll see. All that I know for sure is that I will read.

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