Some Christmas favourites, part 1

Are you the type of reader who has books for every festive holiday? I know some who need specific books for Halloween, summer, and, most importantly, Christmas. I personally don’t have either of the first two (although I admit that it is difficult for me to read about winter in the summer), but when it comes to Christmas, my sentimental heart loves to delve into Holidays stories.

Yes, that is exactly what I’ve been doing since the end of the week and how I will end my weekend.

Two of this post’s featured books I’ve been reading every year since the last five years. As for the last one, it is a new addition, and one that I will definitely not forfeit in the years to come! It is also no coincidence that two of those books have been written by one of my all-time favourite authors: Jude Deveraux.

Mind you: those three books are not the only Christmas themed books that I read this time of year. They are only a sample, since not a year passes by without my reading Dickens’ A Christmas Carol (or having a yearly massive Scrooge-o-thon, watching every Scrooge movie I can find on TV if not directly on my DVR), for instance. And I will have a few more to suggest in the next post.

However, the three featured here are not classics in the Dickens sense of the word, although they deserve to be heard about, and recommended, if only because they are one cute and feel-good romance, one romance including a bit of mystery, and one romantic comedy, two novellas and one full novel.

Holly (Jude Deveraux)

Of the three books recommended in this post, Holly is the full novel, but it in no way means that it doesn’t read itself! I already read it a few times and each time, I’m glued to the pages and refuse to let it go!

That’s how good Holly Latham’s and Nick Taggert’s story is! A great romance, with a dash of mystery, all written with Jude Deveraux’s amazing storytelling.

What’s the story about?

Holly is the story of Hollander “Holly” Latham, heiress of Hollander Tools, who has been crushing on the same young man since she is 13 years of age. Now close to getting her PhD in architectural history, Holly convinces her father and stepmother to buy the house where they lived the summer of her 13-year-old self, because Laurence Beaumont, her long-time crush, is going to be there for the summer. That is without counting on her meeting Nick Taggert, and thinking she is way out of his league!

However, Nick Taggert is not what he seems. After all, he is one of the Taggerts, one of the richest families in the U.S., but he likes that, with Holly, he can be seen as anything but the money he’s from. Although there is still the Lorrie problem.

How will she react when she finds out that he is not the “biker” that he appears to be? Can she only love him for him? Can she get over her prejudice?

When tragedy hits Holly and her family, all bets seem off.

Just Curious (Jude Deveraux)

Just Curious is a novella originally found in A Gift of Love, a multi-author anthology. However, it can now be found as a standalone eBook, if you only want that specific story.

A sweet and feel-good love story, full of Deveraux’s great storytelling and, yes, another Taggert for us to dream about!

What’s the story about?

Widowed for two years, Karen Lawrence is still grieving and comparing every man around to her tragically departed husband. Working as a typist in a big Taggert corporation, Karen dreams no less, and right now, what she is dreaming of is to have a baby. After all, she just turned 30 and seeing her sister-in-law giving birth brought that dream to the forefront of her mind, which is why she accepts to be her boss’s date for a weekend, in exchange for a little jar. However, a jar is not what MacAllister J. Taggert has in mind as far as Karen is concerned.

A Fashionably Dead Christmas (Robyn Peterman)

I said it often before, the Hot Damned series is one of my favourite series ever. Robyn Peterman’s genius brand of humour is something that always gets me laughing, no matter how often I’ve been rereading the books (in the last year alone, so since I’ve discovered Robyn and her laugh-until-you-wee books). The good thing is that you can read them all on Kindle Unlimited, so more fun if you want to discover a great series!

What’s the story about?

A Fashionably Dead Christmas is the fifth book of the series, and contrary to the others, it is a novella, but it doesn’t mean that it should be overlooked. After all, each and every one of our favourites are present: Astrid and Ethan, baby Samuel, the Baby Demons, Mother Nature, Uncle Fucker Satan, Grandpa Bill, Dixie and Hayden, Pam and the King, Gemma and The Kev, God, and even Jesus! And that’s without forgetting the baboon, the Seven Deadly Sins (well, six, really, since one is still exiled in Nirvana), and a special appearance by an idol.

So it is Christmas time and Astrid has invited everyone at the Cressida House to celebrate this special event, which is also Samuel’s first Christmas. However, as is everything in the half-vampyre/half-demon True Immortal’s life, things might not go as planned, much to her dismay… and our hilarity!

To be continued with the second part…

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