Some Christmas favourites, part 1

Are you the type of reader who has books for every festive holiday? I know some who need specific books for Halloween, summer, and, most importantly, Christmas. I personally don't have either of the first two (although I admit that it is difficult for me to read about winter in the summer), but when it... Continue Reading →

Hot Damned – A series made for rereads

In this week's WWW, I mentioned that I was then currently rereading Fashionably Dead, the first of the Hot Damned series, by Robyn Peterman. And because of my case of reader's anxiety, I decided to go ahead with the second book of the series, Fashionably Dead Down Under. Rereading this book, even more than rereading... Continue Reading →

Fashionably Dead – Fashionably awesome

I'm sure that I mentioned never to read any book by Robyn Peterman while on the public transit (or in any public place, for that matter). Thankfully, we are in confinement so I'm reading her books comfortably at home... and I can laugh my fill. Thankfully, because getting my reading mojo back meant that I... Continue Reading →

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