Clearing the reading pile

What’s a girl to do when she’s just started a much needed and no less deserved two weeks off? She’s clearing up her “currently reading” pile, of course! And I admit that is why I haven’t finished Michelle M. Pillow’s newest release (sorry!!!!). In fact, I have started it just this evening, while having supper, and before going back to my hook, my yarn, and finishing a long-ago-started listen.

What long-ago-started listen? Diana Gabaldon’s last to date Outlander book, Written in my Own Heart’s Blood. And please do not be fooled by the fact that it took me a year and a half to read it. I was purposefully stalling, knowing that her next book is not yet finished and I didn’t want to wait for too long to reconnect with Claire, Jamie, Brianna, Roger, Fergus, Marsali, Lord John, William, Ian, Rachel, and everyone.

I don’t regret the stalling, or maybe just a little. After all, that book was, as always with Gabaldon, fantastic, researched, detailed, and full of everything that makes the Outlander series one of my favourites. And Davina Porter’s narration was, as usual, fantastic from start to finish.

The other read that I completed was my reread of Sleepwalker, by Karen Robards, an absolutely fantastic thriller that I have been rereading every year around this time for the last three or four years. Why at this time? Because it takes place on the stroke of the new year.

To be honest, this thriller is all sorts of fantastic and has me glued to the pages every single time I read it, despite my knowing exactly what happens and when. Robards’ writing is so gripping that even three or four reads later, I am still holding my breath during the compelling action scenes, still swooning at the romance, still fearing for the main character.

That’s how good this book is, and then some. I will write about it more in detail in the coming days, as it is part of my Holidays reads.

What’s next?

What’s next? Two things.

In writing, I will finish Michelle M. Pillow’s latest, The Fifth Sense, which came out a few days ago. Fourth of her Order of Magic Paranormal Women’s Fiction series, I can only tell, so far, that the first three chapters are the scariest I’ve ever seen in one of Michelle’s books.

Of course, there will be a complete review for you all the moment I finish reading it.

Then, as I swore to myself I will do during my time off, I will start on K.F. Breene’s Devil Days, Vampire Nights (DDVN) series, which I have been meaning to read ever since I started reading her books.

However, rather than reading the actual ebooks, I will listen to them while I’m working on the scarves I’m making my pupils, since listening to books while crocheting somehow makes me stitch faster (or makes it seem faster, at least).

There will also be reviews coming over the next few days, of the books I have read but have not had time to write reviews of: Clanlands (Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish) and Forget Me Not (Michelle M. Pillow), but also, once I am finished with my current read (with my eyes read), I will start on Jason Kasper’s next release, so that you can read my review the moment it comes out, or a day or two before.

And that is what I call vacationing in the best possible way when I can’t see my family over the Holidays.

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