Happy World Book Day!

Whole universes entering your mind, whole worlds to discover, thousands of new friends to make (and, maybe, as many book boyfriends or girlfriends), millions of pages opened to your eyes, your brain, your imagination. What's there not to love about books? Short Caro answer: nothing. There is nothing not to love about books! Be it... Continue Reading →

Clearing the reading pile

What's a girl to do when she's just started a much needed and no less deserved two weeks off? She's clearing up her "currently reading" pile, of course! And I admit that is why I haven't finished Michelle M. Pillow's newest release (sorry!!!!). In fact, I have started it just this evening, while having supper,... Continue Reading →

The Sandman – Better than good

Since I don't drive, I only listen to audiobooks when I grab my hook and yarn and sit down to crochet. This is the only reason why it took me almost two weeks to listen to The Sandman, the audio version of the epic comics. Otherwise, I would likely have listened to it in one... Continue Reading →

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