2021, here we go!

Happy New Year, readers and writers! After a dismal 2020 for most of us, let us hope that this new year will bring us a well-deserved reprieve and a lot of new and great books to read and, for the authors, tons of inspiration to transport us all into new and wonderful adventures!

I know that I haven’t been the most chatty over the last couple of weeks, but I admit that sometimes I am, well, lazy. I have slept a lot, but I have also read a lot, and you can be sure that I did not forget my overdue reviews. They will come soon.

But reading I did, be it with my eyes or my ears. To be frank, I was trying very hard to complete my 2020 Goodreads Challenge, which I managed to do at 11:45 PM last night. In other words: in the nick of time.

No, I did not put 200 books for 2021, because I know that, with a full-time teaching job, even if we end up going on full lockdown again in a week from now, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to achieve. I know my limits and the time I have.

Consequently, I have settled for 150 books, which will be challenging in itself for the reason I mentioned. Of course, the review teams that I’m part of take precedence, but except for those, I don’t know what the days and months will be made of. The only thing I can tell with certainty is that I refuse to put myself any sort of pressure when it comes to books. I already put myself a lot of pressure with work, and this is what matters: seeing my little first-graders safely and successfully to the end of the school year, with our without lockdown.

Clean up the TBR pile? Please, I said no pressure!

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