Forget Me Not – A timeless love story

First of all, I would like to apologise for being extremely late (like, two months late) in writing this review. This is not, as you know, something that I usually do. Then again, I am deeply sorry, even more so because I had promised that review to the author shortly after the book came out, and I simply ran out of time and energy to write it when I finished reading it. But don’t go seeing anything in there that isn’t! I really, really loved the book, and that’s why I’m feeling even guiltier for the review delay. (All right, name me a book by Michelle M. Pillow that I didn’t like and good luck finding one!)

What happens when an author takes back their first novel and rewrites it, putting all their years of experience in the pages of a known story? It gives books like Forget Me Not, which Michelle M. Pillow has revised, re-edited last fall.

I did not read the first version of the book, The Mists of Midnight, so for me, it was a brand new read, and one that I will not soon forget.

What the book is about

Isabel Drake is, for a woman of her time, an eccentric. She is free-spirited, independent, and wants what most people of her status cannot have: to marry for love. When she refuses the hand of powerful Colonel Wallace, her father, exasperated, announces that he has hired her a tutor, in order to curb her tongue and make a lady out of her. The problem is that she finds it impossible to be ladylike when she sets eyes on the mysterious (and dashingly handsome) Mr. Weston.

Little does she know that Dougal Weston’s arrival would spur spirits to life, to the point where Issa cannot tell if those she talks to are alive or dead, and that the mist surrounding the house and grounds carries with it a mystery which puts everyone’s life at risk, including Mr. Weston’s, and that in order to save him and everyone she loves, she has to solve that decades-old mystery.

Gripping mystery and timeless love story

It currently takes a lot for me to read a historical romance, even when said HR is a paranormal story. Yet this is what Michelle M. Pillow was able to accomplish.

And I do not regret it one bit!

Forget Me Not has a feel similar to reading Pride and Prejudice, if the characters were in the midst of a great paranormal mystery and surrounded by ghosts and a thick mist. Quite enough for me to get sucked into the story from the first page. After all, Isabel is as free-spirited as Elizabeth Bennet, and has her own “prim and proper” Mr. Darcy in the person of Dougal, making their story a timeless love story, complete with a mystery that surprised me completely.

As in: I did not expect how it turned out to be!

As I mentioned, I haven’t read the original story, but this reviewed version is a masterpiece of historical paranormal romance, and one that I will reread time and again the the years to come. Some of Michelle’s finest.

My verdict

This book is one that will appeal to both paranormal romance and historical romance lovers, and Michelle M. Pillow took a wonderful decision when she reviewed that beautiful, gripping story.

An unforgettable five stars! ✰✰✰

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