Happy anniversary, Caro’s Reads!

Today marks an important day in the life of this still baby book blog of mine: Caro’s Reads is a whole year old! Whew! I can’t believe that it’s already been a year of reviews, of bookish opinions, of telling people of books that I’ve loved and recommend, of writing about books, mostly by indy published authors, of making new friends in both the author world and the reader world.

The blog might have started with the arrival of the Fab13’s Paranormal Women’s Fiction books, but I knew that I would never limit myself to only that sub genre, or those authors, but what fun did I have reading and writing about books featuring women in my own age group (after all, I did turn 41 this week)! And still do have fun writing about them.

Since the 21st of February, 2020, I wrote 127 posts, most of which reviews, read hundreds of books, have become part of four review teams, which I consider a huge honour and I will always thank Robyn Peterman, Jason Kasper, Mandy M. Roth, and Michelle M. Pillow for the opportunity I have of promoting their books in a whole other way, which is recommending their new releases before they hit the shelves so that more readers can enter their written worlds and have new book friends. So for this, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Will there be more review teams? I sure hope so, because promoting books is my way of thanking the authors for their fantastic work.

Of course, the pandemic helped me start that blog, since I had a lot of time to devote to reading and reviewing. However, I am still finding ways to write reviews even now that school has resumed and that I have much, much less time to write and do read significantly less, going from a book a day to two, sometimes three, books per week, although I will admit that reading is what I do on the weekends in the middle of house chores and resting, as well as on the transit to and from work, and whenever I have a moment. What? Not planning classes? Nope. Planning my lessons is something I do during ped days, usually at least two weeks ahead, and then at school in the mornings. After all, I have always been organised.

What’s coming?

After a whole year of book blogging, what’s coming? More reviews, of course! And those will start today, with a big something about one of my favourite books, one which I’ve been rereading a lot over the last few years.

So here’s to the past year of book blogging, and to the coming year of as many fun times with this blog as possible.

Huge thanks to those who have been following me on this journey! There will be more fun ahead, that’s for sure.


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    1. Julie, I am so very sorry for not having checked the comments when I posted the entry! You ended up in my spam again, and I seriously don’t understand why if happens. Good thing is: I have time and energy to try and figure it out, this week.

      But I’m really, very sorry for that WP glitch.

      And thank you!!! ❤️️

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