Every week is romance week

It is Valentine’s Day and all week, there have been posts in many a blog and on many a Twitter account (be it Goodreads, Kindle, publishers, etc.) stating that it was “Romance week” because of today, something I completely disagree with.

Now, before you call me a “Valentine’s Grinch”, let me remind you that I am very fond of romance novels, as I’ve written a few months ago. I do love the thought of a happily ever after (HEA), and those books, when well written, are maybe not as gripping as a thriller (unless it’s a romantic thriller, that is), but still very good and generally compelling. Plus, it calms me down, likely because it does involve a HEA and doesn’t end up with a hook or a cliffhanger (neither of which I mind in a series, unless I have to wait many months for the next book because it is sheer torture, or when the author finishes every book with a cliffhanger, which is a complete turn-off).

However, dedicating only one week to romance is, for me, completely preposterous. After all, every week is romance week. Just as we don’t need a day to remind us to tell our significant other that we love them, we don’t need a specific week to read a good romance, no matter the romantic genre.

Else my TBR, both physical and electronic, would be even bigger than it currently is (and it is currently huge).

So let us all enjoy a good romance, no matter the week, no matter the day.

And we will read happily ever after.

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