March in review

Hello, Spring! Now that spring has sprung (but remember what they say in French: En avril, ne te découvre pas d’un fil!), and that a new month has started, it is time to come back on March and its reads, which made for a disappointing month as far as books were concerned, at least in their amount.

After all, I read “only” seven books last month, because despite March break, where I finished one book and read two more, a rather small amount, frankly. That small amount of reading was due to work, and more work, and more exhaustion, and I am honestly asking myself when I will have the energy to read more and longer. However, if the quantity was not present, I cannot say the same for the quality!

My favourite March reads

Two ARCs and a new release, plus finishing a series (for now), listening to the last audio of a personal favourite, and reconnecting with beloved characters: that was March in a nutshell. The good thing? I loved, loved, loved them all! I will not subtitle K.F. Breene’s DDVN series, of which I finished the last to date book, since I will write about the series as soon as I have a moment, but I did finish it, and to say that I love Nicole Poole’s narration is a huge understatement. She is FAN-FARKING-TASTIC!

Then again, there is a lot of March to talk about.

The Manhattan Job (Jason Kasper) – ARC reading

We expected that book release in July, so it was a huge (and wonderful) surprise to learn that, instead, not only was the third Spider Heist book ready, but that it will come out in May (on the 4th, for the specifics). An even bigger (and wonderful) surprise to receive the ARC notification on the same day!

I will not say anything more about the book for now, since I will write a long and detailed review in the coming fortnight, but I will say one thing: if you haven’t read this series, you have time to start it, and I strongly recommend you do so, because this third book is, I think, the best of the series. And since it is a great one to begin with, what with all the action and more action and great characters, it says a lot.

My Goodreads review

The Write Hook (Robyn Peterman) – ARC (now released) reading

It is always a happy moment when I receive a new notification from Wanda Adams with a new Robyn Peterman book to read and review pre-release. This first of her new Paranormal Women’s Fiction series is no different. I had a blast reading it and I can promise you that you will, too, if you get your eyes into it!

My complete review

Lucky Break (Christine Gael)

For Christine Gael, Lucky Break is entering in a whole new genre as a writer: the thriller. Always to the point, her storytelling is heightened by the pace of the action, and her characters are extremely vivid, as is the action itself (at times not for the faint of stomach, I warn you). To say I fell in love with Lucky Strickland and her partner is an understatement. I simply can’t wait for the next book!

I will stop there, but you can expect a complete review over the next couple of days.

My Goodreads review (for now)

The Stars Afire: An Elemental Mysteries Anthology (Elizabeth Hunter)

I loved meeting Beatrice, Giovanni, Carwyn, Ben, Tenzin, and all of Elizabeth Hunter’s Elemental vampires when I read devoured the Elemental Mysteries series. Since I wanted to get ready for the release of Saint’s Passage, which came out a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to complete my reading with this anthology of short stories featuring the Italian Fire vampire and his wife.

It was like visiting old friends, for I love them so, so much! The short stories in The Stars Afire are Christmas-related, but they really can be read at any moment. This said, they will become a Holidays favourite of mine.

My Goodreads review

April doesn’t fool

April started with a new ARC to read, my first as part of K.F. Breene’s review team. Only fitting that it should be the latest of my favourite of her series (Leveling Up), no? Magical Midlife Meeting comes out at the end of April, but you should expect my review much earlier than that with, hopefully, a few surprises before it comes out.

The latest of Denise Grover Swank and A.R. Casella’s Asheville Brewing series, Bad Luck Club, comes out on the 8th, and although I have them all and pre-ordered this one, I still have to read the second and third books. That’s when I rue my lack of time because it’s such a nice, feel good series!

Then will come a reader’s dilemma: the second Lucky Strickland book, Getting Lucky, is scheduled to release on the 19th, which would give me 24 hours to read another great Christine Gael book before The Warlord, the first of Gena Showalter’s new series (Rise of the Warlords) comes out. Gah! I don’t know if I will manage. Then again, Christine will have my priority on the reading front. Always go for the indy published first, especially when the author is a friend!

Let’s just hope that my time and energy levels will improve, because those are only a few of the books that I want to read very badly. And who knows, maybe a new ARC will also enter the mix, to bring you new and fantastic reviews and reading recommendations!

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