The Write Hook (ARC review) – Write in our heads, and hearts

The following review is part of my being in the author’s review team, which ensures that you can read it before the book comes out.

Huge thanks to Wanda Adams for the images used to do this post’s cover!

Have you ever wanted to enter your favourite writer’s head and see everything that happens? All right, maybe not everything, but their writing process, at least. And what if all that happened and happens in a writer’s head ended up appearing in real life?

This is what happens in Robyn Peterman’s newest book, The Write Hook, the first of a brand new Paranormal Women’s Fiction series, My So-Called Mystical Midlife, her second of the sub-genre.

And before I jump into the thick of things, I will say it: it is all sorts of fabulous!

What the book is about

Clementine Roberts is a 42-year-old paranormal romance writer whose life turns completely upside-down when she comes back home, one day, to find her husband of two decades deep into action (pun intended) with the local TV station’s weather girl, who is old enough to be their daughter, on their kitchen table.

After four months of deep depression, Clementine reemerges to visits from her book characters, and finds out that life might not be what she thinks it is, including a chance meeting with her high school crush and his lovely daughter.

However, she still needs to come to grips with her new reality, that of a now magical woman, and she will need all the help she can get in order to put her new life on the tracks, written people included, and get her own happily ever after.

Delightfully crazy

Right now, the irony of my life was absurd.
At least I had good friends to share it with.

– Clementine Roberts

For isn’t it another trait that distinguishes the PWF sub-genre from all the paranormal books and other women’s fiction novels? Indeed, the friendships between the women, both main and secondary, are what makes those books so relatable and so special. In The Write Hook, those friendships take the form of Clementine and her two besties, Jess and Mandy, women who will do anything to make the others feel better when they are down, who will always have the others’ backs, and who will remain through the good, the bad, and the crazy.

And, let’s face is, this book, in pure Robyn Peterman fashion, is delightfully crazy, especially when you add flower brownies to some of the action, much to our hilarity (I’ll be honest: I had to stop reading because my stomach was hurting too much from the laughter).

Add many Easter eggs to the mix, enough of them to make Robyn’s longtime readers giddy happy with the sugar rush, and you are in for a wonderful treat!

Some will also recognise the author herself in her writing look of yoga pants and UGG boots, and I am still wondering how many of the things that happened to Clementine the author happened to Robyn the author, or to her friends.

Then there are the other characters, starting with Aunt Flip, one we all need to have in our lives, and her group of elderly cronies, catsup lovers in due Southern fashion (and please never give me a meat Twixie!), lovely and lovable, special Cheeto and Seth, her drop-dead gorgeous widower father, Mr. Ted, and all the special characters from Clementine’s brain come to life. Put those ingredients together, stir well, and you get one of Robyn Peterman’s finest in a long line of her finest books.

In other words, a complete must, which only makes me anticipate You May Be Write with pleasure and a lot of impatience. Why do we have to wait until 23 August? The hook at the end doesn’t help my anticipation levels, I can tell you!

My verdict

Too good and then some is how I will summarise my feelings for this new Robyn Peterman novel. I belly laughed, I shuddered, I got angry, I lusted after gorgeous Seth, I hated Darren with a vengence, and the black and decker pecker wrecker is a wonderfully twisted villain.

Is it August yet?

A completely hooked five stars! ✰✰✰

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