Magical Midlife Meeting (ARC review) – I can’t get enough!

The following review is part of my being in the author’s review team, which ensures that you can read it before the book comes out.

Some things I simply cannot escape: being tired, working like crazy, and devouring each and every new K.F. Breene book, especially when it’s the latest Leveling Up. Right, along with taxes, crazies on the public transit, new books from many other favourites, and drinking a lot of coffee, I suppose.

This said, I read Magical Midlife Meeting a few weeks ago, but I badly wanted to make sure you’d read this review just as the book is about to hit the shelves (or your eReaders), so I delayed this review as long as I could to make you want to get into it as soon as you’re done reading this, or as soon as possible afterwards.

What the book is about

Magical Midlife Meeting

Series: Leveling Up, book 5

Author: K.F. Breene

Date published: 27 April, 2021

Pages: 266


It’s time for a magical battle Jessie isn’t sure she’s prepared for.

Elliot Graves has been a thorn in Jessie’s side since before she agreed to take the house magic. He has constantly brought the fight to her doorstep.

Not this time.

With the help of Austin’s shifters, the Ivy house crew will meet Elliot Graves in one of the most dangerous places imaginable – his home turf.

But not before another creature joins the circle.

A long-expected meeting and many surprises

After the previous book’s big reveal (which I will not divulge, obviously, but you can still read my spoiler free review – so nothing about the reveal, either – here), I was waiting for what came next with a great deal of excitement and anticipation. After all, Elliot Graves has been a thorn in Jessie’s side from the moment she arrived at Ivy House, even before she accepted her magic.

And it did not disappoint, probably because we know what’s what and only wonder how Jess will react to that big reveal when her turn comes to find out about it. However, this is far from the only reason why the meeting did not disappoint. We had an inkling that mages could be complete cowards, and this was shown with the whole hologram dinner, in which very few, including Jess, Austin, and Cyra, had the decency to show in person. It was also not a surprise to learn that, as in DDVN, the Mages’ Guild remains a completely corrupt entity.

But what does Graves have up his sleeve with this meeting? Can he be trusted or should he be destroyed? Many questions, which will find their answers through the completely gripping action.

That is without mentioning the surprises that pepper the pages, one of the biggest being a wish that I had for a few books coming to fruition (thanks for that one, Queen Breene!) when came the time for Jess to add to her team.

All in all, it was a very satisfying meeting in its organisation and occurrence. As for its aftermath, I can only look forward to the next one to know what happens, hoping and praying that it won’t be the last of the series, because I would miss those books dearly.

Of banter and love

Of course, the readers of the series will wonder what’s happening between Jess and Austin. As we know, they had sealed the deal in the previous book (no spoiler there), and the ex-Jane still had a lot to figure out about how to deal with her alpha, having started to go down a path which might irrevocably find her mated to the polar bear shifter.

That romance part of the story is far from disappointing and left me happy, tearful, hopeful, and quite ecstatic. I will leave it at those qualifications, but if you still don’t love Austin more after that (and want someone with his personality), then I will be extremely surprised.

Of course, the two heroes’ love story is not the only non meeting part worthy of mention, for the relationships between the various characters remain funny and, simply, wonderful to read and be a part of. In truth, I never thought that Niamh and Ulric would become a sort of mother/son(ish) duo complete with much banter and even more hilarity.

And there is Mr. Tom and his laxatives (and his uproariously funny stress), a shfiter man named Sue, the Basajaun, and a whole bunch of fun with the Ivy House crew, Ivy House herself, and the dolls, of course.

I have only one question: will Edgar finally manage to make the perfect doily? I certainly would love to give him a hand in achieving it!

My verdict

Hilarious, hot, heartwarming, and extremely complete, this fifth book just makes me want more of the Ivy House folk. In fact, the only downside is that we will have to wait a few months to have more of their story. But I’m not complaining since, in the meantime, we will be treated to the rest of the DDVN world series and a special (extremely sexy) retelling of a famous fairy tale.

Still, I will miss Jess, Austin, Niamh, Mr. Tom, Edgar, Basajaun, Ulric, and everyone until then.

Another magical five stars! ✰✰✰

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