April in review

Spring is springing all right! And with this comes the last stretch at school, which means that I have even less time to devote to reading, and my Goodreads challenge is reminding me about it every time I connect. Still, I am thankful for having the chance to string a few pages every day, and a lot of them in audio every evening and on the weekends when I crochet. But my priority remains the pupils and their success, and bringing them to the end of the school year is my number one goal.

In other words, I have read three books with my eyes (three amazingly good books), and listened to four more (in this case, listened again because I was missing Reagan, Penny, and K.F. Breene’s brand of crazy so much that I restarted DDVN, which I will write about in length over the next few weeks, before the next book of the series comes out).

My favourite April reads

Like in March, my reading was limited to two ARCs and a non ARC, on top of the four DDVN that I have re-listened to, the one I have restarted and am halfway through but interrupted because I have started to listen to Robyn Peterman’s Good to the Last Death series, newly out in audiobook (I will tell you more about it in the next few days, if time permits, but for now, I will only mention that you must listen to them, they are amazeballs).

This said, the three books I’ve read with my eyes are all worthy of mention.

Magical Midlife Meeting (K.F. Breene) – ARC (now released) reading

It felt so good to reconnect with Jessie, Austin, and the whole Ivy House crew! And what a perfect way to have my first K.F. Breene review team book than with the latest of my favourite of her series!

Perfect being perfect, but I admit that it only serves to make me want to read the next one nownownownow. I love this series so much!

My complete review

Finding Acceptance (Christine Gael) – ARC (now released) reading

I read my first Bluebird Bay with the previous book, which was the fifth one, and I will read the first four at some point down the road (i.e. when time will permit), but I will only say this for now (my long review will be up tomorrow): it was so, so good to see the Sullivan sisters and their children again! Those books are not to be read for compelling action, but rather because reading them makes me feel completely serene and at peace, as if I were one of them, with life’s ups and downs, conflicts and joys, and even a bit of action! A great read, once again, by a terrific storyteller.

My Goodreads review (for now)

Building from Ashes (Elizabeth Hunter)

I still want to read Saint’s Passage, badly, but before I got to it, I had to read about how Carwyn and Brigid ended up being the pair that they now are, and this book, again, did not disappoint. We met Carwyn ap Bryn in the Elemental Mysyeries series, and seeing him again was a great joy. Reliving some of the previous series’ events, albeit with a whole other point of view, was the cherry on top of the sundae, especially when it involved our favourite priest and the one who stole his heart.

On top of it, the book was full of love, yes, but also of laughs, emotion and, most of all, action. Once again, a complete and total must.

My Goodreads review

May flowers?

April was deceptively low on the reading front, but this was not to mean it was not good. All the contrary! However, May shapes up to be as slow when it comes to reading new books, but I still have several books to finish, on top of a couple of ARCs which should be coming my way, starting with the fifth Good to the Last Death book, You Light Up my Midlife Crisis, which I am looking forward to even more since there is this major hook that Robyn Peterman left us with.

To top off the ARC front, the second Lucky Strickland book, Getting Lucky, which has been delayed, should be released in the middle of the month, shortly followed by the seventh Bluebird Bay book, Finding Redemption. There might also be a new book by Mandy M. Roth coming out early in the month, of which I will tell you all about in due time (I promise!).

On the 11th, the latest Darynda Jones, which again revisits the Charley Davidson universe, will be released, with the 1001 Dark Nights novella The Gravedigger’s Son, which will be Amber and Quentin’s story. Then, on the 28th, the first of Renee George’s new PWF series, Grimoires of a Middle-Aged Witch, will be released when Earth Spells Are Easy hits the shelves.

To top it all off, I will endeavour to finish The Warlord, the first of Gena Showalter’s new series (Rise of the Warlords), and Elizabeth Hunter’s Saint’s Passage, both of which I had started but also had to interrupt because of ARC commitments and work. And there are the audio books, of course!

Obviously, except for the ARCs, the rest is always conditional to the time I have left to devote to reading. But reviews there will be, starting with two in two days!

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