Charley Davidson – You can’t (re)read just one

Who in the world was I kidding, on Friday, when I said in a readers’ group that I had just finished rereading the second Charley Davidson book and then would hop into this month’s Jude Deveraux read for the book club? I mean it: who? Myself, first and foremost, visibly.

From “the archives”: A year ago, I met my second Charley

Because I will be honest: reading or, in this case, rereading a Charley Davidson book is like Lay’s chips: you can’t have just one. You’re simply dragged into Darynda Jones’s world and fall in mind and heart first, and you just. can’t. stop!

I am not complaining, because I seriously love those books to bits. Heck, what’s there not to love? A clumsy bada** heroine, a (literally) smoldering hero, an array of side characters that you fall in love with from the beginning. And ghosts. And demons. And all sorts of paranormal creatures. And did I mention the ghosts?

That’s without mentioning the amount of times you can’t help but burst out laughing out loud, and the, at times, emotional roller-coaster that the author drives you into at full speed, and the action that keeps you glued to the pages until the last one, when you just can’t help but grab the next one of the series.

Hence my “I should’ve known”. It’s the third time that Darynda’s (not so) Grim Reaper takes me by the reader’s strings and wreaks havoc in my reading plans.

So what’s a girl to do, except buckle up, again, and enjoy the ride?

Short answer: nothing except buckle up, again, and enjoy the ride! A ride that, once more, I cannot recommend enough.

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