DDVN (Part 1) – Let’s kick some doors in!

There are series, and then there are epics. K.F. Breene’s DDVN World series enters into that second category, in more ways than one! Be it for the action, for the laughs, and for the greatness of the main characters, everything is there to make DDVN (short for Devil Days, Vampire Nights) an epic of gigantic proportions. And because the first eight books are comprised of two trilogies and one duology, it is better to review them sub-series by sub-series, starting with Reagan’s story.

DDVN World, books 1-3: Meet Reagan and let the crazy shine!

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What can go wrong when you’re dealing with a bounty hunter who has mysterious (to others) magical powers, dubbed with an absolutely crazy bada** personality? Short answer: a lot, especially when said bounty hunter with mysterious magic is called Reagan Somerset, the main character of the first DDVN trilogy, and of the last trilogy and upcoming conclusion.

After all, she is what she is, and having her teaming up with a cunning and hot vampire does not help her in the least.

Reagan’s magic and smell entice the vampires and all magical creatures alike, thus showing her difference, without anyone but her (and, to a certain extent, dual-mages Callie and Dizzy, who knew her mother) knowing the whole truth. But what difference is that? This is the mystery Darius Durant is trying to solve before his maker, Vlad, gets his hands on Reagan for his own purposes. Little does he know that after centuries, love will knock on his door, and that Reagan, true to herself, will kick it in and take her place in his heart.

However, the love story is only a small(ish) part of the books, as Reagan’s violent and, yes, crazy persona takes precedence, thus causing all the action, mayhem… and hilarity. Because no matter what Reagan, Darius, and the others are doing, it comes with a lot of action, yes, but also a lot of laughs. I’m still wondering where Callie gets her sweatsuits…

But be it in New Orleans or Seattle, or somewhere in the magical world (whose location I won’t spoil), where Reagan Somerset goes, action sure follows!

Definitely the best way to introduce the characters and laying the foundation of an absolutely awesome series, whether you read it or listen to it. And Nicole Poole’s narration is worth the listen! Don’t worry, K.F. Breene’s crazy genius will not remove your eyebrows, contrary to a certain bounty hunter, but it will most definitely remove your will to do anything else until you’re done reading, or listening, to any and all of the books!

To be continued with Penny’s trilogy

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