DDVN (Part 2) – Finding your way, in more ways than one

There are series, and then there are epics. K.F. Breene’s DDVN World series enters into that second category, in more ways than one! Be it for the action, for the laughs, and for the greatness of the main characters, everything is there to make DDVN (short for Devil Days, Vampire Nights) an epic of gigantic proportions. And because the first eight books are comprised of two trilogies and one duology, it is better to review them sub-series by sub-series.

DDVN World, books 4-6: Penny, Emery, and a revolution

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We briefly met Penny when Reagan went to save Darius from a bunch of crazy mages, and this is exactly where the second trilogy starts: with Penelope Bristol going to what she thought was a retreat in NOLA, which ended up being a massive summoning, in which Penny unknowingly turned a whole coven of witches into zombies, then proceeded to hide in a closet out of fear, from which Reagan found her and got her out.

The first part of my review: Reagan’s story

It is upon returning to Seattle, and back to her “work” as a fortune teller that Penny meets Emery, who was then a mysterious stranger who passed by her booth and, while doing bizarre conversation, gave her some great advice, and who she then proceeded to save, unknowingly, from some mages’ guild men sent to capture him.

It is also in that retreat-cum-summoning that Penny found out, through Reagan, that she was a powerful witch, and sent her to train with Callie and Dizzy. However, the dual mages were soon not enough for the apprentice and, on Darius’s orders, she started training with Reagan.

And thus started mayhem, hilarity, and the beginning of a friendship which will be a huge part of the story, especially when Emery will be thrown in the mix, creating a powerful pyramid of power.

While finding her way as a witch, then as a mage and, finally, as a dual-mage, Penny also found her way into a magical revolution meant to upset the current and corrupted mages’ guild, and in which she and Emery became united not only with Reagan and Darius, but also with Vlad’s faction and, surprisingly, with the shifters, led by the alpha wolf with dual-coloured eyes, Roger Nevin. A surprise, since the animosity between the shifters and the vampires is well-known in the magical world.

To the action-packed moments of the books, we add Ms. Bristol, Penny’s mother, an incredible seer, but also an extremely crazy woman, which made for some of the funniest scenes of the trilogy, but also some of the moments which kept us glued the most to our seats.

Challenge: read or listen to the battle scenes in more than one go. I can tell you right away: it is impossible.

Second challenge: (not)swear like Penny, who has the most hilarious (non)swear expressions!

With the foundation of the whole DDVN World set in the first trilogy, K.F. Breene added some brilliant touches, making this series more and more of a must.

To be continued with Charity’s duology…

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