Another type of R-N-R

Blogger note: The following post is written completely freely. It is, in fact, a surprise post for two authors I love but, most of all and more importantly, for two women I totally love to bits.

A Rebel and a Pookiemama walk into… an office supplies store. That’s a nice start for a joke, isn’t it? However, what Renee George and Robyn Peterman just launched is not a joke. In fact, their first item, a profane monthly planner, is what contains the jokes.

But let’s get a little background story, shall we!

Renee George and Robyn Peterman, two great paranormal authors with a natural flair for comedy, are besties in real life, and known for their love of office supplies. Robyn, in particular, made this weakness of hers a trademark in one of her characters. You know, the one known as Uncle Fucker, otherwise known as Satan? Well, him. The only difference is that Satan pilfers said office supplies. Robyn doesn’t.

It consequently comes as no surprise to see them team up in order to offer us their own line of office supplies, and even less surprising for them to make said line totally profane, and incredibly hilarious. At both ladies’ image.

Their first item is a “Swear Journal”, a three-month planner completely full of wordy poop. Literally. And “laugh-out-loudly”. The fun part is that you can start it whenever you want, and use it for any crappy month you would like to! For my part, I will use it when work resumes, because it will make me laugh in the mornings when there is no work (back at subbing I am, by choice), and to make me laugh every time I need to.

You can find all the info about the R-N-R Swear Journal on Renee George’s site. Yes, I ordered mine the moment I could. I said I was doing this freely, and happily, to promote something awesome from two author friends. I’m not joking. They are!

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