Reader’s Life – When reading takes a back seat

Sometimes, things simply don’t go as planned. For instance, this week, I had a whole bunch of reading planned and did about nothing of it because real life took over. Not work, since I am on vacation. No. Simply real life and one of my dearest friends being in need.

The closer the friend, the more present I am, and the more that friend will take up my thoughts and my priority, to the point where everything will take a back seat, including reading.

This may sound silly when I think about it, because reading is my escape from real life and my way to centre myself and find a needed balance. However, when there is an emergency, I will only think about it and forget the rest, thus making me lose my own balance in the process. Yes, this also came with my getting back to smoking a little too much (and at all).

And you know what? I don’t care and regret absolutely nothing.

I knew that I would catch up with the reading at some point, when my friend would feel better. Same with the smoking, when my stress levels finally got down enough to get back to it, which is now.

This said, I just want to take a moment to say this, and whoever is on the receiving end of it will know who I am addressing this to:

Please know that you are never alone, so long as anyone walks alongside you, not only when things go well, but also and especially when they are not going well at all. I am blessed to have been the one to do so with you this week, and I don’t regret it. To me, you are important, more so than any book or quitting smoking. You are worth the stress I went through, because I know that I helped make a difference in your dark moments. I have your back, and hopefully will continue having it for many, many more years to come, with their laughter and their tears, their joys and their pains, their frustrations, their bursts of anger, with everything that makes life… life.

Now back to regular programming.

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