A Throne of Ruin (ARC review – now published) – The plot thickens, hotter and more passionate

The following review is part of my being in the author’s review team, which ensures that you can read it before the book comes out (or, in the case of this one, not too long after).

WARNING: This post might, at times, contain curses. I’m not sorry.

K.F. Breene went all in with her Deliciously Dark Fairy Tales, her adult Beauty and the Beast retelling. Some were, perhaps, dubious about how it would turn out. I sincerely wasn’t, because I’ve read enough of her books to know that she is, to use an understatement, great. And this series, so far, doesn’t disappoint.

If you read A Ruin of Roses and found it a little too much, or much too much, then don’t read A Throne of Ruin, because I’m warning you off the bat: it’s even sexier than the first one, and goes to things that might make some clutch their pearls in shock.

My review of A Ruin of Roses

If this ARC review is late, it really is in no way because of the book, the story, or the author. It is because of things that have been happening in both my personal and my professional lives that made me unable to focus on such a passionate story, with such stubborn and ardent characters as Finley and Nyfain. For this, I deeply apologise.

For yes, Finley and Nyfain, and her animal and his dragon, are even more intense in this one!

What the book is about

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A Throne of Ruin

Series: Deliciously Dark Fairy Tales, Book 2

Author: K.F. Breene

Publisher: Hazy Dawn Press, Inc.

Date published: 12 November, 2021

Pages: 445


The only thing protecting me from the demons…is the beast.
Nyfain, the golden dragon prince, tried to set me free. But there is no freedom in this kingdom. Not for anyone.
The demons have sought me out. They want to trap me. To use me against Nyfain.
It’s only a matter of time before they call in the demon king.
Nyfain thinks I should save myself. That I should barter with the demon king to escape this place. 
But can I give myself to the creature responsible for torturing the people I love?
In order to save them, though, I might not have a choice.

Hot and hotter still

Found A Ruin of Roses hot? Well, A Throne of Ruin is even hotter! Yes, hotter. What else can we expect of two passionate main characters, shifters to boot? It’s not because Finley’s animal is sort of dormant that she doesn’t have even more passion than her human. And don’t get me started on Nyfain’s dragon, or I will write spoilers. So I will simply keep it at “he’s much more stubborn than his human”.

Those who are looking for passion will be served with this one, that is definite! Especially when deeper feelings are added to the mix.

And letters that would put Elisabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy to shame.

Things are explained

If the first book left us with many questions regarding the curse and the characters, those find most of their answers in this second story. I cannot say more, of course, without spoiling anything, so I will only say: read until the very last page and you will see how the plot really does thicken.

A woman who reads is a human who knows

Finley is a bookworm. I said it before: this, on top of her beauty, is the extent of the comparison between her and the Belle of the original story. Give her access to the palace’s library and the world of knowledge is opened even more to her, much to her delight!

It might not help her with finding a cure for the sickness caused by the curse, but it does make her time in the tower much enjoyable. Regardless, her work with the everlass is becoming a thing of legend and her work will take her out of the castle much more than it would have without her knowledge.

Regardless, her extensive reading makes her learn about much more than frogs.

Love, lust, laughs

This book, like the first, really has it all, and despite knowing that there will be a lot of heat (and lust), there is also a lot of laughter, most of it thanks to Hadriel, who has become one of my favourite of all of Breene’s secondary characters, sequins and all!

This said, I am giving you only one warning: have tissues nearby, for you might cry. I did. A lot.

My verdict

Once you start getting into the story, you really will be into it to the point that it is, as always, very difficult to put down. However, it makes for a great read, despite a non-finite ending (no cliffhanger this time!), which makes me impatiently wait for A Kingdom of Ruin. Sadly, the wait will be a little longer this time, as the third book of the series will only come out on 7 February, 2022.

But when all is said and done, this is another slam-dunk for K.F. Breene, and one that makes me:

  1. Want to be like Finley, cursing and all.
  2. Having bookishly and irremediably fallen in love with Nyfain.

This book is even better than the first one, and very deserving of

A passionate five stars!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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