The Newly Witch Game (ARC review) – Uncontrolled hilarity

The following review is part of my being in the author’s review team, which ensures that you can read it before the book comes out.

This week and the next bring their own brand of reading fun, namely an ARC blitz. After the latest of Michelle M. Pillow’s Warlocks MacGregor (of which you can read my review here), I had two on my plate, which became three when I received Christine Gael’s latest Cherry Blossom Point book. It’s all about priorities, so I went for Robyn Peterman’s tenth (!!!) Magic & Mayhem, which is the first to be released in the ones that I have left. The last one will be K.F. Breene’s second Deliciously Dark Fairy Tales, A Throne of Ruin, scheduled to come out on 12 November (you can read my review of the first book here).

Hours of all sorts of fun!

What the book is about

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The Newly Witch Game

Series: Magic & Mayhem, book 10

Author: Robyn Peterman

Date published: 25 October, 2021

Pages: 204


It’s all fun and games until someone throws a dirty jumper rollup and you lose out in the Cornhole tournament of life. 

According to Baba Yoscarybutt, it’s time for me to witch up or step back down into the Cornholio minor leagues. While Cornhole is definitely not my beanbag, I can’t stand to lose.

I don’t want to be the next Baba Yaga. I’m doing just peachy as the Shifter Wanker who heals the clumsy idiots of Assjacket, West Virginia. I love my life. My werewolf mate is hotter than asphalt in August, my twins are adorable, my dad and brother rock, and I have real friends for the first time in my life. 

However, when my evil nemesis, Medusa Jones, steps up to throw a floppy bag and steal the title of Future Baba Yaga from me, all bets are off. 

I will challenge the nasty piece of work to win back the job I didn’t want in the first place. 

With Sassy and Fuc*ing Derrick by my side, I will finally own my destiny. Of course, Fuc*ing Derrick is prone to meltdowns and Sassy is trying to learn Canadian, but one deals with the floppy bags they’ve been dealt and tosses them anyway.

It will be dangerous.

It will be cornfusing.

It will be fashionably disastrous.

It will be televised on the magical Charm Channel.

Whatever. A few four baggers, a couple of woodies, a Bigfoot and spell or two should do the trick.

The future of the magical Universe is on the line and I’m the only one who can save us.

May the Goddess help us all.

Laughing to tears

When my time came, I would own it, take it by the balls and twist.


After Willow’s and Zech’s story (of which you can read my review here), then the trio of Zelda’s obese cats (a novella, which I have reviewed here), a year has passed since Robyn Peterman offered us some Magic & Mayhem. It was worth the wait for her muse to strike, and we are now back with Zelda and Sassy… and with Fucking Derrick, of course!

Where are Mac, Henry and Audrey, Jeeves, and the rest of the Assjackians? Camping! But the ladies were not willing to go in the woods for any amount of time and decided to stay home during their absence, and so did Carol, aka Baba Yochangesnamesoneachofzeldaswhims. As for the little profane troll, he simply didn’t know (before you throw a tantrum worthy of the little beast). Good thing he did, because with his presence (hairy rather than hairless, thank the Goddess), the already assured hilarity skyrocketted.

Yes, Sassy is still trying herself at Canadian, still not realising that it is only English with a different accent and some “eh” parts, and still a “weapon of mass confusion”, as Zelda says. She is still temperamental and prone to explode things when she is angry. However, the most important is that she might be a little bit of a dumb blonde (OK, a lot), if she loves you, she is extremely fierce about it.

As for Zelda, she remains the materialistic witch she has always been, and she will still deny any human gesture done or sentimental word spoken, unless it is related to Mac, her mate, and Henry and Audrey, their twin wee shifter children. Yet just like Sassy, she fiercely cares about her family and friends, and about the well-being of the community of Assjacket.

Needing to take on a hobby other than anything magical, Sassy convinced Zelda to try her hand at cornhole, where the former excels and the latter, well, sucks unless something other than a bean bag is thrown. Which is where Baba Yaga finds them to enquire whether they had changed their minds about being the future Baba Yaga and the future Cookie Witch and, in the face of their refusal, to tell them about their eventual replacements, which started some massive fireworks of the angry sort.

But how can they change their minds? By throwing the proverbial gauntlet, of course!

The games are on, and shown on national witchy TV! Who will win the right to succeed to the witch power duo? Aided by Fucking Derrick, everything is up for grabs. The Goddess help us all!

And may she have a whole lot of tissues on hand because the book had me, more often then not, crying with laughter! That is, when Robyn Peterman didn’t add to the clowns of the last Hot Damned book by putting giant spiders! You’re seriously mean, Robyn! 😛 We also learn of Sassy’s difficult past, and how she befriended a Bigfoot. But does Harry McLarryburger really exist or is he a figment of Sassy’s tormented imagination?

My verdict

Sadly, all fun things must come to an end, but thankfully, this one is only temporary and was a good ending. Next up for the Pookiereaders: It’s a Matter of Midlife or Death, the sixth book of the Good to the Last Death series, which I am looking much forward to!

But for now, I will say that The Newly Witch Game is more than worthy of

A cornholian five stars!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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