My most sincere apologies

I know, I have been absent from this platform for many weeks. I said it before: anxiety disorder is a bitch and I have been increasingly dealing with that usually under control bitch for many weeks now, which causes me to have huge holes in motivation, among other things. And those motivation issues come in the form of me telling myself that I have to write this review or that, and then thinking and thinking and ending up simply not feeling like it.

Yes, I am still reading. I am still reviewing the books I read on Goodreads and vendors for the authors whose review team I am part of, and for any book I read. The only thing is that my anxiety is making it difficult to align my thoughts long enough to write on here about the great books I have read and I end up sleeping because sleeping has always been one of my defence mechanisms against anxiety (after bouts of insomnia).

I sincerely apologise for the blog silence, especially to the authors, even though some of them know about my current anxiety struggles and are OK with it. I am not, but I am working on it. I am not OK with it because promoting the authors I read, mostly indie-published authors as this blog involves, is something that I consider important.

Writing more reviews I will. Making these artworks I use for my posts I will, too, because I seriously love doing them.

The only thing I will ask you is patience. It will be irregular until I am over my personal hump. But I will do my best to provide you with both the delayed and current reviews.

It is the only promise I can make, and hopefully you will all stick with me while I deal with my own anxiety-created demons.

I only want to finish with a little advice: talk about your mental health issues. Don’t be afraid. Some will judge you, I know by experience. But talk about them just the same because you will realise that you are not alone.

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