The Oh My Gawd Couple (ARC review) – Putting the comedy in sibling rivalry

The following review is part of my being in the author’s review team, which ensures that you can read it before the book comes out.

Warning: This review will contain some profanities. I blame Astrid for it.

It feels good to be slowly resurfacing from my slump, enough to write a review of a book that I loved, by an author that I adore. In this case, it is The Oh My Gawd Couple, Robyn Peterman’s 16th Hot Damned story.

What feels even better? The amount of laughs that I got in reading it, thanks to Uncle Fucker Satan and his brother, the G-Man God himself!

What the book is about

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The Oh My Gawd Couple

Series: Hot Damned, book 16

Author: Robyn Peterman

Date published: 24 January, 2022

Pages: 280


Welcome to my Hell… and not the good one where I’m in charge. 

Word on the street is that my brother’s son was potty trained at eight months old. Unacceptable. I shall not be bested by God. I have pilfered plastic potties, Cheerios and bagels. I am prepared to teach my boy to put the poo in the hole. All I need now is a potty song. 

Or so I thought. 

Apparently, sending Lizard to clog all the commodes in Heaven has put me in hot water with Mother Nature. The certifiable woman has threatened a pole dancing punishment if I don’t play nice with my brother. So I shall do what any sane leader of Hell would do—die my hair, shave my eyebrows and go into hiding for a century. 

Desperate Devils do stupid things. But no one hides from Mother Nature for long, not even God and the Devil. Now we’re in a cornfield in Nowhere, Indiana. No magic. No cell phones. No IDs and three days to make nice and figure out how in the Hell to get to Kentucky. 

Good luck to us… 

Sometimes you need a little Heaven to raise a lot of Hell.

Hysterical sibling rivalry

If you have siblings, you know that sibling rivalry is a real, honest to G-Man, thing. I have two, and even though we’re now all 40+, the rivalry is still there (but we do love each other dearly, too, don’t worry).

However, God and Satan put the hysterics in the laughs that their rivalry entails and Mother Nature had enough of their fighting. Simple: either they become friends or they have to pole dance with her for a whole century.

There starts ze road trip, as their unhinged mother ships them to Earth, sans powers, in a corn field in the middle of nowhere, with only three days to reach their niece Astrid’s house. In other words: the two brothers have to do something that is quite foreign to them: teamwork!

Cue laughing like hysterical loons for over 200 pages, and swoon in some, and have your heart growing big like a Grinch on Christmas day in others.

I love Satan! (Bears repeating)

He still pilfers office supplies. He is still hilariously narcissistic. He is still extremely beautiful. He still fornicates with himself (someone needs to change his phraseology, eh, Uncle Fucker?). In short, he is still the Satan we know and love.

This book is no different. In fact, I will say it: I love him more after this one because we discover another delicious layer to him that is completely swoon-worthy!

Me love a flawed God!

Before reading The Oh My Gawd Couple, get out of your head that God is perfect. He is like everyone: flawed. At times, hilariously so! Very OCD, a bit too literal, with no game to speak of (you’ll understand when you read). In short, a character who deserves happiness.

His placing packets of sugar by colours is the epitome of hysterical, especially when he doesn’t realise that he does it… until he does it… when he doesn’t consciously decide to do it.

Hysterical, I tell you!

Enough to make me seriously love him, although (sorry, not sorry) not as much as I do his brother.

My verdict

Robyn Peterman said that she laughed a lot when she wrote that book. If the amount of laughs I had throughout my reading is any indication, it is contagious. I said it: I laughed like a hysterical loon! I would’ve taken much more of these two together!

A celestially hysterical five stars!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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