The Bargain (ARC review) – All deals come with a price

The following review is part of my being in the author’s review team, which ensures that you can read it before the book comes out.

The following review is the first of as many as I can write before Aged to Perfection, a 19-novella anthology featuring everything over 40, will be released, and likely more afterwards. Paranormal Women’s Fiction in its best form: as many as you can get!

What the story is about

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The Bargain

Book: Aged to Perfection

Author: Christine Gael

Date published: 15 February, 2022


When she strikes a deal with a nefarious stranger to save her granddaughter’s life, Inez Walthrop is dragged into a world of werewolves, vampires, and monster-hunters that she thought only existed in her nightmares.

Desperate needs call for desperate measures

Shortly after losing her daughter to cancer, Inez Walthrop is close to losing Diana, her beloved nine-year-old granddaughter, to leukaemia. Desperate, she accepts a deal offered by a mysterious stranger, who promises to heal the child, so long as Inez accomplishes a specific task for him.

Little does Inez know that this task will lead her into a darkness that she didn’t know existed, comprised of werewolves and vampires, and that monster-hunters are a real thing. Or that the monster-hunter that she had to find in order to help her would be a bulky, gruffy, handsome man, who will have her working hard on the training field as well as highly attract her.

The problem? She has to lie to him about her mission.

Action packed but…

The whole story is packed with action, snow, cold, battles, which will leave you glued to the pages from start to finish. You get attached to Inez and can’t help but fall for the gruffy Christoph.

However, for me, the issue was with the last two chapters, which surprised me immensely, yes, but I might have felt better with more details, which the format might have cut short. As it was, I was, as a reader, left wanting, feeling that there was something missing between battles and conclusion.

My verdict

Because of the conclusion, I would like to have more of this story. The characters are awesome, the writing is on point from an absolutely terrific author. I would simply need more.

Four stars in the blizzard!

Rating: 5 out of 4.

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