Weaver’s Web (ARC review) – Very special Valentine

The following review is the first of as many as I can write before Aged to Perfection, a 19-novella anthology featuring everything over 40, will be released, and likely more afterwards. Paranormal Women’s Fiction in its best form: as many as you can get!

What the story is about

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Weaver’s Web

Book: Aged to Perfection

Author: Yasmine Galenorn

Date published: 15 February, 2022


Paranormal investigator and witch January Jaxson, and her wolf-shifter boyfriend Killian O’Connell, take a vacation for Valentine’s Day and find themselves in a search for their hostess’s missing sister..

Not so perfect vacation

If January Jaxson wanted to have the perfect vacation with Killian, her boyfriend, going to Nimah Rock for Valentine’s Day was definitely not it! Instead, she listens to her great heart and helps Edwina, the owner of the B&B they are staying in, in her search for her missing sister. Paranormal investigator one day, paranormal investigator every day for January, visibly.

Not that Killian complains. All the contrary! He knew what he was getting into with his pretty witch, and his wolf-shifter abilities could come in handy. Plus, it is not as though they don’t have time to spend quality moments together in the quaint little town or at the B&B itself.

And let’s be frank: we readers aren’t complaining about the change of plans, either! After all, January and Killian are amazing characters, there are cat photos involved, a snowstorm, and a friendly ghost. On top of a mystery to elucidate, of course.

Let it snow!

Yes, the story happens on Valentine’s Day, but I couldn’t resist, since January and Killian are caught in a snowstorm, nearly crash their car while trying to avoid a doe on a slippery road, and end up back bumper in a tree.

Obviously, that is not the only excitement of the few days that the couple will spend in Nimah Rock, and there are other creatures involved on top of the resident ghost of the B&B. I simply don’t want to spoil the beans (because I would never do that). Let’s just say that this short novella is as intriguing as it is gripping, and that it might be a little gross at some point.

My verdict

This was my first ever book by Yasmine Galenorn, of whom I had only heard a world of good. I was not disappointed. If Waever’s Web is part of her Moonshadow Bay PWF series, anyone can read it without getting lost, although I am sure that the habitués of the series will find some insides that have escaped my neophyte eyes. This said, for me, the only thing that gave away the fact that it is part of a series is how comfortable the author is with her characters, knowing exactly what they will do and how they will react, thus making the experience even better and very worthy of

A snowy five stars!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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