Happy birthday, blog!

Apparently, I got my days all wrong. In my head, I was convinced that Caro’s Reads anniversary was on the 23rd of February. Error! It’s on the 21st. Cue me laughing my head off because it does and doesn’t matter. It does because it’s my creation and I like to celebrate my little victories on their proper dates. However, it also doesn’t, because I’m only two days confused.

All this to say:

Happy anniversary, Caro’s Reads!

I deserve that champers! After all, the last year has been rock & roll, to say the least. Busy teaching is one thing, which is how it went until the end of June, happily so. Afterwards, everything went quite well, until my enormous bout of anxiety from October until not even a month ago.

So for this, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for having stuck with me during all this time.

Thanks to the authors

Caro’s Reads would not exist without the fantastic authors that I am reading on a daily basis and I have special thanks, here.

First of all, to Robyn Peterman, Jason Kasper, Mandy M. Roth, Michelle M. Pillow, K.F. Breene, Christine Gael, and A.R. Casella and Denise Grover Swank for the honour of being part of your respective review (ARC) teams. Having the chance to read your books in advance and to promote them before they are released, so that I can, in my own way, attract more readers your way, is an absolute honour and I cannot thank you all enough for giving me the chance to do exactly that: promote the hell out of your work! And while I was writing this, I have received the news that a new author’s ARC team has been added to the list, so immense thanks to Gena Showalter for this new opportunity! I am greatly honoured.

But immense thanks to all the authors, usually indie published (which is and will remain the main mission of this here blog), but also from bigger publishing houses. Spread the word: there is always room for any author who would like one more keyboard in their review (ARC) team. You need only email me. Of course, I have my favoured genres, especially paranormal fiction and thrillers, but anything is open (with two exceptions: horror, which scares the bejesus out of me, and YA/NA).

However, I will not apologise for how big my TBR pile is. This is only testimony to how many good authors I read, and how much I love reading these authors so much that I will buy backlist books and pre-order new ones and to hell with when I will have the time to get to them. It’s not you, it’s life. If I could find a way to read more and review more, I would, but life is, well, life.

Changes in the works

Yes, after two years, I believe that some improvements are needed here. Not big ones, but significant.

Starting with a redesign of the site. I’m overdue. I love changing the décor of my sites once in a while, and I think that two years is a good time to do just that.

Le deuxième changement sera de lire et de faire la critique de livres en français (si mes moyens me le permettent, parce que les livres francophones sont vraiment beaucoup plus chers que les livres en anglais, même en version électronique, et ceci est particulièrement vrai pour les livres québécois). Quand même, je ferai de mon mieux, parce que je tiens à partager dans mes deux langues. Gardez seulement à l’esprit que je ne lis pas de traductions (sauf pour les langues que je ne parle pas – ou pas encore). Et que ma pile de livres à lire est déjà immense.

A wish

Of course, any anniversary must come with a wish, and this human has one: to continue offering you book reviews for many more years to come.

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