Reader’s Life – A needed hiatus (came to an end)

The school year which came to an end a couple of weeks ago was a difficult one, for me. I will not get into the details, but except for the wonderful kids, it wasn’t fun. In this regard, it only became logical that my mind wasn’t into writing or blogging or even reading beyond several ARCs. I was seriously not motivated at all.

Has this changed? You betcha!

I needed the break. I had too much on my plate and too much angst and anger and stress to really enjoy the little things.

What changed, then? First, it was my getting a post, now that I wanted one and after having one that I wanted being swept from under my feet. It might have taken me ten years for it to happen, being rather content with the subbing despite the stress that came with it, but I was ready, at last. The best? I got my first choice. OK, it helps that I was 18th (on 201) in the priority list, but it was my first choice nonetheless, which means that as of August, I will be a fourth-grade teacher at the school where I spent the last year, and that except for the newcomers, I will know all the kids in my class and I already love them.

Talk about a stress relief!

Was it the only thing that changed? No. I also met the man of my dreams and living my own brand of insta-love, and have been for the last month and almost half. Believe me, having someone who challenges me at every turn might be, at times, frustrating, but it is also extremely invigorating. I honestly hadn’t realised how devoid of challenges my life had become, and how much I was keeping stacked inside due to sheer fear, starting with a major bout of cleaning.

So, yes, I owe him for that. And truth be told, I simply love him more for it. Because he never had to do any such thing. He did it all out of love.

Consequently, my head is now fully recharged, the blogging hiatus is over, and I am ready to tackle most of what will come my way, with a fuller mind and much more motivation, starting with several overdue reviews.

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  1. Hi Caro, I am so happy to hear that things are turning around for you both in your personal life and in work life!! I hope you enjoy your summer to the max ❤️

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