Reading challenge follow-up (proud teacher!!)

It’s been a heck of a month! I thought that I would be able to write all of my pending reviews at some point. How wrong I was! From busy to busier, from adapting to… still adapting. Add to that some personal life struggles, and you’re in for an extremely busy blogger. However, I do not read any less and I review everything on Amazon and Goodreads just the same. Only my blogging suffers a little, and for this, I apologise.

Sincerely, I wish to thank the authors for their understanding. This means a lot to me.

This being said, the reading challenge I have started to implement in my class is going suberbly! I am so proud of my pupils, who have taken to it with great gusto! Some have already read four or five books, one is reading a bigger one (the first Harry Potter in her case), which will earn her extra chances in the monthly draw because it is a big book for a fourth-grader and it might be the only one that she will read this month for that very reason. Everyone gets an extra chance for each book read.

To say that I am a proud teacher is an understatement. I am so darn proud of my class! They are also having a little bit of a laugh at my expense because since the start of the school year, so far, I have “only” read five books. Cheeky kids. 😂 Worry not: it’s all done in good spirits.

Another part of good news is that I have full backing of my principal, who loves the reading challenge idea and even gave me a $200 budget to buy the books that I will sort over the next 10 months (the duration of the school year). For me, that’s a huge thing and I am ever grateful!

September’s draw

For the month of September, I am sorting the latest book written by my friend Joanie Godin, Raconte-moi Nick Suzuki, a biography written with children in mind, as is the whole Raconte-moi collection: lots of images, easy vocabulary, and a much bigger typography with the new edition, of which Nick’s biography is the first.

The perk? It’s signed! And yes, a few of the kids have already read and reviewed it for the reading challenge (I bought a copy for the class). They’re faster than me, as I am still to find the time to read and review it, which will be my first review in French for this blog.

Did I mention that I am a proud teacher? Because I am and it bears repeating!

For October, I will definitely go for a Halloween themed book. I will go check this all out at the bookstore over the next couple of weeks so that they know what to expect.

Meanwhile, I will do my very best to write my pending reviews, as soon as I get some time to devote to writing. A bit like I did this weekend with my post about Roger Federer’s retirement and this here post.

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