Cloudy With a Chance of Withcraft – Righting wrongs

The first book of the Fab13 that I’ve read on the day of the launch is Cloudy With a Chance of Withcraft, by Mandy M. Roth. If you don’t know Mandy, she is one of the queens of urban fantasy. I haven’t been reading her for very long (a matter of months), but I recognise quality when I read it, and her novels are of the best.

More about Mandy M. Roth

This new novel is the story of Poppy who, shortly before her fortieth birthday, moves to Grimm Cove, where her beloved grandparents lived. Recently divorced, Poppy moves there with her two best friends, Dana and Marcy, hoping to get her life back on track after a nasty separation.

For her, it is also the place she has tried to avoid for many years, the town where her first love, Brett, still lives. But Brett has some secrets of his own…

Giving fate a chance

The nice part about that book is that it shows that second chances are possible, and that fate has to be given a place in one’s life, for better or for worse.

It is also a story of great friendship, as the relationship between Poppy, Dana, and Marcy is one that we all wish to have with our “girls”.

It is obviously a love story, of seeing if the two main protagonists can give their love a second chance after being apart for 20 years.

A gripping mystery

Beyond the love and friendship stories, Cloudy With a Chance of Witchcraft is also a solid paranormal mystery, involving witches and shifters. One that will leave you turning page after page until its breathtaking conclusion.

My only complaint? That the book was over. I would have taken many, many more pages of the story! Thankfully, this book is a series, and the next instalment, Hexing With a Chance of Tornadoes, is coming out at the end of March.

Not too long a wait to have Dana’s story! And I admit: as much as I love Poppy, Dana is my favourite of the trio. Difficult not to love her snark! She even refers to kids as “crotch goblins”. What’s not to love?

A few quotes

“Be graphic. Spare no details. I’m a forty-year-old woman. I can handle explicit. Plus, I love a good sex story.”

– Dana, with whom I wholeheartedly agree on these accounts!

“Get over yourself, bitch. And learn to grow old with grace and poise like the rest of us.”

– Dana again. I said she has snark!

And don’t forget to swear on George Michael and Richard Marx next time you promise something important!

My Goodreads review

Cloudy with a Chance of Witchcraft by Mandy M. Roth

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Why is it already over???? (Cue ugly sobbing.)

I seriously loved that book! Poppy and Brett’s love story is fabulous, the mystery grabs you from the first moment it’s mentioned.

And the fact that all main protagonists are my age is even better.

And I have to say that I so love Dana!! Looking forward to her story!

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