PSA – Be mindful of piracy

The current times, with the coronavirus pandemic and quarantine/confinement, are difficult on most people, in more ways than one, including (and importantly) financially. Many lost their job, others (like me) are on temporary unemployment. This also includes a lot of authors. Not everyone has the chance of a J.K. Rowling, a Nora Roberts, a Diana... Continue Reading →

Confinement thoughts

Like everyone should be doing right now, I am staying put and staying at home. (I hope that, unless your job is an essential one, you are doing the same, because that's the most important thing to do right now.) However, keeping my posterior in my apartment does not mean that I can't travel. And... Continue Reading →

Fashionably Dead – Fashionably awesome

I'm sure that I mentioned never to read any book by Robyn Peterman while on the public transit (or in any public place, for that matter). Thankfully, we are in confinement so I'm reading her books comfortably at home... and I can laugh my fill. Thankfully, because getting my reading mojo back meant that I... Continue Reading →

Tips to save and still read

Times are rough for everyone right now, with most of us forced to stay at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic and everything temporarily closing, including libraries and, in many parts, even bookstores. What can a reader do in those times? If you have a TBR pile that you have been adding to for quite... Continue Reading →

Reader’s Life – Reading time

As we know, we are currently dealing with a worldwide pandemic. Of course, like each and every country of the world, Canada isn't immune to it, and all the provinces are touched. Our Prime Minister announced, today, that all schools (and cegeps, universities, and day cares) were closed for the next two weeks. As a... Continue Reading →

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