Suddenly Psychic – A first ARC

Upon my reading of the Fab13‘s books, I’ve also had the chace to do my first ARC review ever.

What a book this was!

It so happened that Elizabeth Hunter’s team was looking for people to read and review an advance reading copy (ARC) of Suddenly Psychic. I signed up and ended up being one of the winners. I was overjoyed and simply could not wait to be home (I was at work) to download and start reading the book.

I did not regret it.

What Suddenly Psychic is about

The story of Suddenly Psychic is that of three long-time best friends, Robin, Val, and Monica, who ended up developing psychic abilities following an accident.

Throughout the pages, you follow the three middle-aged friends, with their woes and their hopes, but also with their new powers, trying to solve an old mystery of Glimmer Lake, where they are from and reside.

Robin, the main character of the story, is also having many doubts about her marriage, now that her eldest child is in college, soon to be followed by her youngest.

An emotional page turner

Suddenly Psychic was my first foray into Elizabeth Hunter’s writings. And what a first it was!

I laughed, I cried, I was riveted to my Kindle. In other words, I simply could not put it down. The mystery was compelling, it was easy to relate to the characters, and their friendship is one that we can all wish to have in our lives.

In fact, the story was so compelling and well-written that it left me, at times, completely shattered and heartbroken, not to mention emotionally raw when I finished reading.

A wonderful book, still available for a limited time on Kindle Unlimited, and also available in print.

More about Elizabeth Hunter’s books

My Goodreads review

Suddenly Psychic by Elizabeth Hunter

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh, gosh! Where do I start?

With the beginning, I suppose.

Three women, best friends for a long time, suddenly find themselves with psychic abilities. One a recent widow, one a divorced woman, and one whose marriage seems on the rocks.

Working together to solve a mystery, the three women embark on a journey towards shedding light on many secrets, but also one of self-discovery, which makes for a passionate, and very emotional story.

I won’t hide it: some parts of the book left me completely raw and shattered. Divine writing, compelling story, amazing main characters with whom it is easy to identify, which is probably why I ended up so emotionally raw.

A fantastic read.

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