Second Chance Magic – Strength in numbers

They say that strength comes in numbers, and the adage has been proven true in Michelle M. Pillow’s Second Chance Magic, her first Paranormal Women’s Fiction novel.

Another thing that is certain, before talking about this book in itself, is that I am a huge fan of Michelle’s books. Indeed, I haven’t been reading her for too long (since last summer), but the my first impression of her books, my reading of The Savage King, made me:

  • Fall in love with the Var men;
  • Fall deeply in love with her style of writing;
  • Finish reading the Lords of the Var in less than a month;
  • Buy, download, and read almost 30 of her books, including the series that became one of my favourites ever: Warlocks MacGregor. (Please don’t tell Uncle Raibeart, because I still don’t know if I would accept his proposal or not – I most likely would, despite his tendency of running around buck naked.)

Yes, she is a prolific writer, because I have merely made a dent into her writings (have a look at her website for the whole list of her books). However, she became a personal favourite of mine, in a short list that includes Jude Deveraux, Diana Gabaldon, Karen Robards, and now her, Darynda Jones, and Mandy M. Roth. In other words, one of my go-to authors and one that I will take pleasure in reading and rereading time and again.

Whether she writes paranormal romance, urban fantasy, fantasy, science fiction or cozy mystery, Michelle M. Pillow excels with wit, relatable characters, and compelling stories.

Second chances and lasting friendships

This brings me back to her latest book, Second Chance Magic. This one features 44-year-old Lorna Addams, a widow who has moved to Freewild Cove (North Carolina) following the death of her husband of 20 years, and the horrible events that marked his funeral.

Betrayed, lied to for most of her life, judged by her family and hometown, she chose to move to this new location to start over, and ended up working at the Warrick Theater, and living above stairs from the theatre, while her three grown children are flying their own way.

There, she sort of befriended her boss and landlady, Heather Harrison (née Warrick), and meets Vivien Stone, a close friend of Heather’s. And has the hots for Heather’s brother, William.

One night, each of the three ladies finds a ring in their respective homes, in what they think is a coincidental manner. But is it? Something is certain: the rings and their power unite the three friends in a way that will definitely change their lives, and brings us into a paranormal mystery that will keep us glued to the pages until the end.

Brought together by sadness, the trio has entered in a deep friendship, showing us that strength, any strength, comes in numbers.

Their friendship had me thinking about my own trio of friends throughout the whole book, thinking that some of the things that they do (like a certain part involving William in chapter 6) are things that my own two besties would do, too. And got me to laugh and laugh… and had me closing the book with a huge smile on my face, one that is still there while I am writing about this fabulous story.

The next two books of the series, Third Time’s a Charm and The Fourth Power, will focus respectively on Vivien and Heather, and will be released on 26 March and 28 April. Needless to say that I am looking much forward to them!

Spoiler-free passages of Second Chance Magic

My Goodreads review

Second Chance Magic by Michelle M. Pillow

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The bonds of female friendship and quite enduring, even newly formed alliances.

Lorna, Vivien, and Heather can tell you about it!

What joy to meet those three incredible ladies! Plus, magic apart, it reminds me of my own friends. The Sisterhood… with a second chance at love for one of them.

Looking very much forward to Vivien’s story!

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