It’s a Wonderful Midlife Crisis – Wonderful in many ways

If this reading has been the one that took me the longest, last week, it was not because of the story; it seriously was because of the gastroenteritis (and the sleep and everything that came with it). Because Robyn Peterman’s It’s a Wonderful Midlife Crisis was a terrific read.

I have to say that I started reading my first novel from Robyn on the bus. It was Tallulah’s Temptation and I strongly recommend not to do that! People looked at me bizarrely because I couldn’t stop bursting into fits of laughter. That’s how hilarious that book is. The next one is just as hilarious.

In fact, you can take any of her books (because I have read several since then) and you will end up laughing while you read. A lot. She has a knack for writing hilarious things, without breaking the flow and emotion of the story. A rare gift.

Wonderfully emotional

It’s a Wonderful Midlife Crisis is no different. We go from fits of laughter to emotional moments (thankfully diffused by yet another funny moment), and get caught up in a series of incredible events, as we follow the tribulations of newly-turned-40 Daisy, a widow whose adventure starts with a hand in her wash basket.

Yes, a hand.

Cue a major fit of hilarity. Because Daisy can see and talk to ghosts.

Add to that a group of amazing lady friends, including a “botoxicated” divorcée, a boss who is a total bitch, a dog, a hot new lawyer, and a Bob Barker-loving grandma, and you are set for quite the ride.

From hilarity to deep emotion, from surprise to suspense, from dead squatters to a few illegal deeds, from a refusal to a budding relationship, from a bit of meekness to growing serious balls, the book makes us pass through a lot of sensations, ending with, I’ll say it, the mother of all cliffhangers!

Fortunately, It’s a Wonderful Midlife Crisis is the first of a trilogy. However, I am thankful for all the reading I still have to do, because the next two books are scheduled for release on 18 May and 17 August, respectively. I am also looking much forward to the audio book, which will be narrated by Robyn herself!

Meanwhile, I will ponder what in the world happens to Daisy, Gideon, Steve, Heather, Missy, Jennifer, June, Gram, Donna, Karen, Clarissa, and everyone, squatters included. All this while eating sandwiches made with ham salad with pickles in it.

Robyn Peterman said, in a Facebook post, that she had a lot of fun writing that book. And I will say that this reader really had a blast reading it! That bookstore scene in chapter 6, for example, had me howling with laughter. Thankfully, I was in my living room and not on a crowded bus.

My Goodreads review

It’s A Wonderful Midlife Crisis by Robyn Peterman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m at a serious loss for words right now.

Not because the book wasn’t good, because it’s really five-star material. It’s because we’re left with the biggest cliffhanger I’ve seen in a long time! It really is like having a super joke, but having it interrupted the moment the comedian gets to the punch line.

And that punched me right in the feels, leaving me wanting so, so much more!

As always, Robyn Peterman navigates expertly between emotion and laughter, in a way to diffuse the building tension. Tension?


Amazing story! Looking forward to the next book. Badly.

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