Midlife Bounty Hunter – Brain before brawn

Let’s start with a personal fact: Midlife Bounty Hunter was the first full book of Shannon Mayer that I’ve ever read. I did, prior to the launch of that Paranormal Women’s Fiction novel, read a short story by the Canadian writer, but this was a first novel. The truth? It got me hooked from the start.

The only thing that got in my way of devouring the book was this pesky thing called work. However, my March Break started a day earlier than I planned, so I was able to finish it on that first evening off. Which means that I ended up going to bed past 1AM, despite having been exhausted since the start of the week. Maybe this can also explain my fried brain of yesterday…

Then again, I don’t regret it one bit. That book was, simply, fantastic!

Move over, kiddos!

Grave Magic Bounty follows the story of Breena O’Rylee, a 41-year-old woman who had moved from Seattle back to her hometown of Savannah following the pest of all divorces. And she was at a point where she had “no more ducks to give”. Out of a home, she moved in with her ex-husband’s black sheep of a cousin, Corb.

Because Breena had no one to run to following the passing of her grandmother, and Himself (as she calls her ex, because… names, you know) had taken everything from her. Consequently, she took Corb’s offer and moved into his home office room.

On her way to a job interview, she meets with Robert, a skeleton who becomes her friend in a world that thinks that she is too old for the job she applied for.

I love the fact that Robert never calls her by her name, but always calls her “Friend”. It also made me chuckle at first because it reminded me of the Quakers in Diana Gabaldon’s books, who call everyone “Friend”. More importantly, I want to have a friend like Robert.

Old (according to the job’s standards) and out of shape Breena might be, but she has something that very few don’t, especially the other newbies: experience and brains. And she showed that, in some lines of work, brain comes over brawn. If there is one thing that I can take from this book, it is that.

As I followed Breena’s journey, I fell deep into the story and did not want to emerge from it. Not even a little. Not even when it finished. I wanted more. There will be more, of course, but the next book of the series, Fairy Crossed Bounty will only come out on 12 May. The third, Demon Cursed Bounty is set to release on 4 August. I know that both books will be worth the wait, as I am looking much forward to what will happen to Breena and all the others, but two months is a long time when you’re expecting the sequel of a great book! All the credit to the author!

One thing is certain: this will not be my last Shannon Mayer series. I really liked her storytelling, a mix of action, emotion (gosh, did I cry at some point!), wit, sass. You name them. It gets you hooked!

Spoiler-free quotes from Grave Magic Bounty

My Goodreads Review

Grave Magic Bounty by Shannon Mayer

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The time it takes me to read a book depends on real life matters, and real life definitely got in the way of my reading this book.

I was completely into the story from the first page. Shannon Mayer is a terrific storyteller and this book is another perfect testimony of her talent. I could only root for Breena, a completely likeable character with whom it is easy to relate (powers notwithstanding). And developing a book crush on a few of the men as well. Or is it just me? No ducks to give, like Breena says.

This book was so good that I pre-ordered the second one straight away!

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